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What Software?
I Am The 1337 Master at 4:24AM, June 20, 2011
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I know some people prefer or are forced to work with a scanner and whatever colorants they have but others have various software that varies variously through person to person.

My question is what do YOU use?

Whether it be Illustrator, Gimp, Flash, Paint.Net, DAZ, or whatever (Photoshop for most of you is my guess), I just wanna know.
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Genejoke at 5:45AM, June 20, 2011
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Photoshop cs2
Daz studio 3 advanced
Bryce 7
Vector magic

That's probably it.

Why do I use a number of programs that do pretty much the same thing? Gimp is my weapon of choice, but photoshop has some functions that it lacks. is lighter on the processor which is handy when rendering complex 3d scenes and putting pages together.
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demontales at 6:34AM, June 20, 2011
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Photoshop(versions depend of where I am) and Autodesk Maya(though it's been a while since I've used it for my comic)

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El Cid at 6:29PM, June 22, 2011
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Carrara 5 Pro (modeling, landscapes, rendering)
Poser 5 and 7 (figures)
Adobe Illustrator something-point-O (2D effects - speech bubbles, panels and stuff)
Adobe Photoshop 6.0 (for putting it all together)
Adobe ImageReady (for animating stuff)
Hexagon 2.2 (for modeling)
UV Mapper (for creating custom UV maps for my models)

Also sometimes I use Ivy Generator (for generating ivy) and HDRIShop (for creating HDRI maps), but not all that often… and I suspect that's it. I used to have Vue, which is a really bad-ass program for creating natural outdoorsy-type environments, but it was on my computer that got stolen and, so far as I'm aware, you can't just re-download the thing onto a new computer without purchasing a new license. Meh. Hardly used it anyway.
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El Cid at 6:32PM, June 22, 2011
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Fun fact though… the guy who (I suspect) stole my computer got shot breaking into somebody's house a few weeks back. He died. I'm not sad.
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Allyndn at 5:42AM, Aug. 17, 2011
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I write and script my story in Scrivener, then model the keyframes in Daz Studio. I then use a combination of Filter Forge, Postworkshop, and Photoshop (and sometimes ArtStudio on my iPad) to refine each panel, draw over it, and put what I hope is my own personal style on it. Comic Life Magiq is used for compositing the pages. 
Scorpion451 at 8:33AM, Aug. 17, 2011
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I'm kind of old school, I sketch everything out on paper and hand-ink my linework using a lightbox. I like the look (and its faster for me than digital ink, because I can't erase and get all OCD about the linework)

I do my piecing together and coloring in Gimp, love the interface and customizability. Good reliable workhorse of a program.

My lettering I do in Inkscape, great program for that, high quality open-source vector program. Lets you treat text like sillyputty while keeping it clean and readable, so its really comic-friendly, especially when you throw in the fact that once you learn the interface it takes three clicks to make a speechbubble any size or shape you want, whether that be a lopsided semi-transparent starburst or a rounded rectangle with a green dashed-line border, and three more steps and a few seconds to make a chain of them- and you can still slide them around and resize bubbles once you've connected them. its like an interactive dot-to-dot. =D

Takes me about fifteen minutes to letter a page with that program if I want to get really fancy with the text. And then you throw in the things you can do for your “POW” and speedline type of stuff…Highly recommend that program.
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Cope at 8:36PM, Aug. 17, 2011
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I just use the GIMP. I do very little digital work, but I still need an image editor for resizing and image compression and stuff.
Gunwallace at 4:23PM, Aug. 25, 2011
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I use the Mac software, Comic Life.  It came free with my free Mac, so the price was right (the Mac was from work).  I use the old version 1.whatever, not the 2.0 version, which I don't like as much (the lettering is better in the old version, and the workspace is larger).
Scripts are usually written on TextEdit, which is the Mac equivalent of Windows Notepad, so really low-tech.  (TextEdit is also the software I use to write my webpages.)
I like Comic Life. it's easy to use, flexible, comes with some nice default options that are simple to go beyond. 
However, their ‘updated’ version 2.0 was a step backwards.
Oh, and I use a Canon PowerShot A495 camera to take the photos, and obviously a heap of toys.
David ‘Gunwallace’ Tulloch,
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Lopriest at 12:31AM, Aug. 26, 2011
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DAZ Studio.  Bryce and Carrara for some renders / landscapes.  PhotoImpact for post work.
skreem at 7:20AM, Aug. 27, 2011
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I hand draw in Biro, scan -> photoshop CS to colour (sometimes hand colour if I am in the mood (with very “various” media!)).
I also use MS Paint (loves it-shoot me).
Asbin at 11:45AM, Aug. 27, 2011
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Photoshop CS2 mostly
Vector Magic to smoothen my scanned line art
And Google Sketchup for some of the backgrounds
sagittarius at 6:19PM, Aug. 28, 2011
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Everything is mostly handdrawn before scanning it on Photoshop…
Photoshop CS2 w/ JCSpeed Filter - I don't really remember on where did I downloaded the filter but this had the speedline that I'm not really good making on hand drawing. I also use Photoshop for coloring/toning/text as well.
Painttool SAI - Mostly for refining linearts and experimenting colors.
Mitaukano at 6:47PM, Sept. 9, 2011
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Script gets written on napkins, sticky notes, notebook paper and whatever else is on hand at the time. It's then transferred over into Word. However I've been writing a lot of the newer plot stuff in Celtx
I do the page layout, and speech bubbles in Adobe Illustrator cs2.The actual comic is drawn in Painter 11, then finally pulled in Photoshop to be cleaned up and filled with text.
Dodger at 9:56PM, Sept. 10, 2011
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I draw/ink everything by hand, then do everything else in Photoshop CS4 : B

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roma at 11:34PM, Sept. 11, 2011
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ArtRage (sketch and layout), Photoshop and inkscape for digital inking.
spinester at 8:00AM, Nov. 10, 2011
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I pencil on paper, scan into Manga Studio for the inking.  Then I export to photoshop cs5 for the coloring/lettering etc. 

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