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ozoneocean at 12:15AM, June 16, 2009
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she would give me the ultimate “Just… why?” look.
lol! I can picture that! :)
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Puff_Of_Smoke at 1:40PM, June 16, 2009
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Aurora Moon
in a way I see where you're coming from ozone.

there's actually an PUBLISHED crappy harry potter fan fiction that's so brain-meltingly horrible.

seriously, I read a tiny amount of it online and I felt like I dropped IQ points.

basically it starts out with some Mary sue and some harry potter character having sex. and there's such classic lines such as “he put his thing into my thing… you know that thing down there.” and then dumbledore busts in yelling “what are ya doing, Muthafockers?!”


http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4719325/1/My_Immortal_REPOST for those who wanted to read it… not that I don't know why anybody would.

now that's one story that deserves a book burning.
Skimmed the first three uh… ‘chapters’ and it reminds me so much of the original fanfic behind Christian Humber Reloaded.

I died a little inside when I realized that that person was part of my generation.

Y'know if I added up all the times I've died a little inside when looking at my own generation, I'd be a zombie.
I have a gun. It's really powerful. Especially against living things.
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