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What topics Belong in Debate and Discussion?
Hawk at 3:49PM, March 9, 2009
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There's been a long-time misunderstanding about just what things we discuss in the Debate and Discussion forum. It doesn't help that the name includes “Discussion”, because isn't that what we're doing in every section? In order to help newcomers understand how this section is different from the rest of Drunk Duck's forum, I'd like to give some pointers on what kinds of topics to start:

What belongs in the Debate and Discussion forum?

- Topics that relate to current event issues, like the evironment, politics, economics, and world happenings.
- Philosophical debates relating to things like religion, education, and government.
- Moral dilemmas like discussion of sexism, racism, capital punishment, and animal rights.

What topics belong in here, but are best avoided?

- Topics that will never be proven either way, like whether or not there is a God.
- Things we just discussed several posts down.
- Things that can't really be debated because they're already generally agreed upon.
- Topics presented in a lopsided manner that don't allow for one side to be argued very well (or which ridicule those who would defend that side).
- Topics that are just a link or video, and do not include your take on the subject.

What DOES NOT belong in the Debate and Discussion forum?

- Topics about movies, bands, or TV shows. These go in Media Discussion.
- Complaints or suggestions regarding Drunk Duck's hosting, ratings, or features. These posts go in Ideas and suggestions for the Duck.
- Topics about webcomics, specific or in general. These belong in Comic Discussion.
- Posts meant to plug your comic or any other comic.
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