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What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?
El Cid at 6:58AM, July 15, 2009
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I had another kinda weird dream last night, where me and my friend were fishing between two creeks and a fish just came slowly floating through the air above us, all wobbling around in slow motion. My friend reached up and caught the fish and threw it into the creek. Then he catches it on his hook, pulls it out of the water and starts gutting it.

Well, it was a lot weirder than it sounds! Especially since I haven't gone fishing in years!
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DefaultNick at 2:43AM, July 20, 2009
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Im a heavy sleeper and i almost never remember my dreams.

This one may sound obscene and teenager related, but it had no sex relation in it.

I was in some strange unfamiliar to me city with really tall buildings. I was wearing only a tshirt and shorts, and my legs were ridiculously hairy… not hairy, but furry! Then i found a newspaper on the ground that had a headline Times New Roman (i guess that was its name, maybe some reference to Times) it had only one page that was a blank white sheet with eyes drawn on it. These eyes were waiching my every move.
I dont remember what happened to me next, because ive seen that dream many years ago, but after some blank space in my memory, i remember me being given a mission to… ahem… take off my pants and scare people with vulgarous deeds… And if i wouldnt do that i was going to be killed be the person who hired me for that. But every time i took my shorts off, they popped back on me, and i was taking them off and off and off slowly realising that soon im gonna be killed.
After that dream i was afraid of going to the toilet in shorts for some time…

I also had a dream, when i was scared to death by some ghost, and i had my friends sleeping in the next room, but i couldnt run or call for help because of my panic attack, and he slowly glided towards me, trying to reach my throat with his long hands. Then for no logical reason ive decided that im so fucked that the only way to save myself is to scare the ghost myself! I thought that if i say booo in a scary tone, it will scare the ghost away. Buy because of my fear i could only mumble something that sounded like ‘B’.
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