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When Humans Become Extinct, who Will Replace us? Dolphins or Octopuses?
SansTalent at 2:50PM, Oct. 10, 2009
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Mr Lostman
Far be it from me to generalize about the average commoner and their beliefs, but I'm sure the elite were all religious. Where else did they get that “Divine Right” thing that's important to their power?
Actually, if you are a priest, you are almost assuredly atheist. Priests who exhibit real faith are dangerous to the organization, and tend to be sent as “missioners” to some faroff country. Or as Ramses from Anne Rice's Ramses the mummy put it: “I was called a god all my life so I know better than anyone that there's no such thing as gods”.

As for when humans go extinct… Because we will become extinct, nothing is eternal. Entropy, anyone? Ahem, when humans extinguish, we aren't going silently. Do you think we are going to hand over the world to the next-most-suitable species? Or that they are going to wait patiently until we've left the building to start making tools and taking over? No, it is war! The only rule of nature is that living equals killing. Sure, it is easy to be all full of yourself and mock those who smack baby seals with a club, but when it comes to choose whether you and your children or the beautiful Monarch Butterfly gets to live, each and everyone of us would torch the Monarchs and dance on their burning piles of corpses. So, as our time is running out, we'll start dragging more and more species into the destruction, so that we can win that extra couple of decades. It is only natural, despite what you would like to think it is not against any sane moral, and each and every species would do it if… No, each and every living being does the exact same thing, only not so well as us.
So, when the last human has expired his/her (most likely her) last breath, the world will have only bacteriae and small insects that we didn't care about. It will be a matter of whether the Sun still has enough juice to keep Earth alive long enough for another sentient species to evolve and “take over”.
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worldwillshout at 8:43AM, Oct. 14, 2009
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The butterfly…no one expects the butterfly.
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Lonnehart at 11:20AM, Oct. 14, 2009
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Is it okay to be serious in a non-serious forum?

Honestly, there is very little chance that any species will replace humanity. Sure there are a lot of animals out there that can use tools, bury their dead, socialize, use a form of language, etc… However, our true replacements will only come out when they become self aware. When they start to question their existence and the existence of everything around them, and then attempt to find an explanation for everything. As none of the other animals on this rock we call Earth have exhibited this yet, it's safe to say that Humanity is very special in that so far we're the only species that does all of that. Did some great diety bestow this sentience upon us? Or maybe it's just one of those flukes of evolution? Who knows…
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Psikick at 7:09PM, Oct. 14, 2009
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It will not be the dolphins nor the octopi, it shall be the KANGAROOS! They shall grow, and gain higher sentience, then box us off into Cthulu's gut.
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Wark_Ento at 5:43PM, Oct. 17, 2009
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Cockroaches. They have been around since the time of the dinosaurs and they are still going strong even now. One day when the human race is gone forever, the roaches will infest the earth and throughout the years, develop a liking to meat and become omnivores. They will devour the once-superior creatures of the animal kingdom alive and nothing will be able to stop them.

Except maybe the spiders, if they're smart enough.
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