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When to use an artist?
Meekler at 2:01PM, Feb. 10, 2010
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I'm a pretty good artist. I'm still getting the hang of a lot of things, but I'm decent enough to make my own comic. However, after working on some sketches and some very tedious pages, I feel like I'm not enjoying making the art nearly as much as writing the script.

Now, I'm no where close to mastering cartooning, so I'm thinking that maybe if I get better at it I'll like drawing more. However, even when I'm working on simple drawings I still hate doing it. Being able to only focus on the pacing of a story sounds really appealing.

Everyone has the ability to become a good artist, including the people who hire artists. When do you know if you should work with someone? Is it better to tough it out and keep working on art so you DON'T have to hire someone? Or is it one of those things where “If you don't like it now, you won't like it later”?
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GracehFaceh at 7:20PM, Feb. 10, 2010
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I think it really depends on what you're comfortable with and how much time you're willing to give yourself or someone else. I've only collaborated on a project with another person once or twice and I can say that I prefer working by myself on things. The only limitations I face are my own and I can pump out a page whenever I feel inspired to rather than having to wait on another person.

Still, a lack of enthusiasm art-wise could probably boggle you down more than working with a hired artist. Comic making can be very tedious and painful when it wants to be. Sometimes you have to make it interesting, though. Once in a while if I feel like I just can't put together a page, I try to do something different with it. Can't say my experiments are particularly successful 100% of the time, but it gets the page done and out of the way.

It'll take some time, but it might just be a matter of getting used to the idea. Nonetheless, if you think it's easier to hire someone, you should. I've never done so myself, so I can't say what the pros and cons of doing so are. I'm leaning toward drawing them yourself though. :)
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Kroatz at 1:36PM, Feb. 11, 2010
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I believe that you should only hire an artist when:
1- The story is worth it, if it's not detailed enough or just not original enough you can't make it better by using a better artist than yourself.
2- The artist actually is better than you are, if you are better it will save you a lot of irritation afterwards if you just make it yourself.
3- The price the artist asks is not too high for what the artist actually delivers.

I've screwed up on all three of these so believe me, think hiring an artist through!

ps. I'm a good artist :P
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Darth Mongoose at 3:22AM, Feb. 17, 2010
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Enjoyment and enthusiasm are really important for making a good finished product. If you really enjoy the writing side, and understand the artistic side, then you may well have the makings of a good comics writer. An understanding of how sequential art works is very important for writing comics. If you can write a good story with clear, snappy dialogue and get your vision across to an artist with clear directions then you have exactly what an artist wants from a writer.

If you can get yourself an artist to work with, I think you should. You can use the work you've done with your own art to demonstrate your writing ability to potential collaborators.
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Aurora Borealis at 11:00AM, Feb. 19, 2010
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If I could afford to, I'd hire a bunch of artists to work on some of my projects. I say hire, cause well… I'm not really interested in collaboration but rather into seeing my vision being realised. So most likely I'd write the script, prepare thumbnails and a bunch of costume/set designs and hand it over to someone else.
Maybe once I'm good enough to sell comics I'd be able to afford some artists :D

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elektro at 4:37PM, March 6, 2010
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While I usually prefer to work on something all myself, there are some projects I have that I'd rather collaborate on because I concentrated more on the writing than the drawing. Unfortunately, the collaborations almost always fall through for some reason or another.

One collaboration project got so delayed that I eventually took over the art duties (and had to pretty much rewrite the entire script) and I'm afraid of how it's going to turn out because it's using a style I'm not all familiar with (action-adventure).

Another project I'm still trying to find an artist who's better than me, as it is something I'm not all that comfortable drawing. I'm running out of people to contact on that one, and I hate bumping up that topic on the “Community Projects” forum all the time.

My advice? If you can find someone to collaborate with, that's great. If not, try to improve your skills at drawing before making the comic, I guess is the best thing I can say.
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