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When will DD stop it's suckage?
SqueakTW at 8:45PM, June 25, 2007
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Ok, your going crazy with adds. I mean it was ok at first, but then I noticed some in the comments by the admins on the main page. Oh well, didn't affect me. But now, your putting your damn adds in everybody's profile and comic? Then I thought I'd just remove them from the html, but no, you guys had suck some more and hide it somehow. I think everybody should just leave DD and find a better host that isn't covered in adds. I mean do you really need them? It seemed DD was doing fine before, I understand maybe you need some money for bandwith, but can't you just keep adds on the top of the site? Maybe you just advertise major companies and not some of the comics on DD. I am really starting to detest you cheap-ass sellouts.
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soonmme at 8:49PM, June 25, 2007
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Harsh, but true, my friend. I was annoyed at the ones in the browse section, and the newsposts, but this is ridiculous. I was barley able to stand it in the profiles, but under our comics is just wrong.
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lefarce at 8:56PM, June 25, 2007
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DrunkDuck is quite a large site, not everything will run smoothly. Sure the ads suck to a degree, and the loading time for are terrible, but overall we do get quite a few features for a free website.

Sides, this could be smackjeeves or any other free hosting site, and I think we can pretty much all agree that we're better off, no matter how glitchy some aspects of DD can be.

I do think, however, they should spend a little more time on new features to ensure their stability in the future. While things like the trophies are very small and trivial, is does show that not everything is seen to the end, and corners are cut. Possibly due to the timetables being set, or the size of the workforce.

Ads on the other hand are needed to keep the site alive. But there are other alternatives. I think if they try to push T-Shirt sales a bit more, and offer premium accounts with added perks (like an ability to make your own shirts like cafe press which would increase DD's income as well), or had additional pay content, then we could have less ads in the future. Just a thought, hopefully they'll consider it though.

Also, in before lock.

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SqueakTW at 9:02PM, June 25, 2007
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I understand they need money, but does it need to be right under our comic, or right in the middle of the search comic area? All it does is annoy the shit out of me, in fact I have actually grown to hate WoW more in the past week.
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Hawk at 9:30PM, June 25, 2007
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Totally valid subject, SqueakTW… So valid, that many members are already discussing it in another thread. You can find it here:

More Adverts?

On a side note, when intending to start a productive debate, there are much better ways to title a thread.

I'm locking the thread of course, but I highly encourage you to continue discussion in the thread I linked.
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