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Where the HELL is Avatar: The Last Airbender
PhatScurl at 6:01PM, May 1, 2007
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I'm just curious if anybody has heard anything. I had checked the site repeatedly and it said that the new season was supposed to start February 27.

For those of you who are unaware…its April.

I know this site has a lot of fans of the show, and im absolutely addicted. I really want to know why its not on…are they building up suspense, because they're doing a poor job. Did they cancel it…if so, i say we go down to Nick studios and burn it down.

But seriously anybody have any clue?
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Priest_Revan at 6:37PM, May 1, 2007
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Just keep waiting. I mean, the newest Avatar DVD just came out (or it's coming soon).
Updates Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday's (depends).


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Eunice P at 6:44PM, May 1, 2007
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It's probably still in production or delayed.
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Phantom Penguin at 6:55PM, May 1, 2007
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Next Feb. maybe?
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fern at 8:21PM, May 1, 2007
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It's a ripoff of FiF.

FiF members… UNITE!!!
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Tommie Kelly at 12:38AM, May 2, 2007
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I have to admit that i love Avatar! I have seen all of season one and about half of season two. Loving it so far!
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Eunice P at 1:30AM, May 2, 2007
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I'm not a big fan of the Avatar but I do enjoy watching the fight scenes which stays true to actual martial art. Season 1 was too boring but I still keep on watching it. Season 2 was slightly better but only the last episode of Avatar caught my interest. I hope Season 3 would be better than Season 2.

The only reason I watched Avatar was possibly the pacing of the plot that oddly resembles my old comic I used to draw.
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ccs1989 at 11:46AM, May 2, 2007
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It'll get here eventually. I'm a huge fan of the show, but if it takes them a long time to keep up the quality then that's alright. Apparently each episode takes 8-9 months to make, and even with a bunch of animation houses working for them it still takes a very long time to make a new batch of episodes.

This is apparently the last season though. I'm really looking forward to the season finale, because if the end of the show is good it will really cement this show in my mind as being great. All of last season's episodes after number 10 were great (except Tales of Ba Sing Se) so this next season should also be good, if not better. I hope it's better, though.

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Kristen Gudsnuk at 2:17AM, May 3, 2007
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It's a ripoff of FiF.

FiF members… UNITE!!!
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