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where to put a forum
I Am The 1337 Master at 4:07PM, Nov. 9, 2009
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I randomly wanna make a forum about hand puppets. it would go in the WHAT THE HECK forum right? You can lock this once I get an answer. And I'm kinda new to the forums so don't judge me.
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ozoneocean at 7:09PM, Nov. 9, 2009
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First some advice on your sig baner:

The forum sig banner sizes for DD are either 250x100 pixels or 480x60 pixels, (and no larger than 70K), the dimensions of your current sig banner are in excess of both of these. Would you mind resizing it to fit into one of our recommended sizes please?
(that's the max size for a single banner or a number of banners combined)

More info can be found in the stickied Rules thread in our General forum.

If you want to make a thread in WTH, just start one the same way you did here. ;)
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