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Where'd the cheese go
herio at 11:09PM, Sept. 8, 2007
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This is a music video for a very short song by Ween. It features LEGO's Orient Adventure characters in a helter skelter race against time to locate their missing dairy produce

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Cthulhu at 6:10PM, Sept. 9, 2007
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My eyes.

They bleed.
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Lord Shplane at 6:16PM, Sept. 9, 2007
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My eyes.

They bleed.

Ears too.
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ShinGen at 9:24AM, Sept. 11, 2007
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I see your eyes and ears and raise you a spleen.

Welcome to the academy of the 1337. Try not to get fragged.
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Sofox at 12:59PM, Sept. 11, 2007
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I remember that song, it was written for a Pizza commercial a while back, but was rejected.
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