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Who is Ignorant?
kyupol at 7:10PM, March 19, 2008
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So far I've seen the following types of “ignorant” people:

1) Those who believe everything in their bible or what their religious leader/s says… Sure he/she/they said it therefore it must be true.

2) Those who believe everything mainstream media says. It was on CNN then it must be true. If its not there, its false and people who believe things that arent on MSM are idiots.

3) Those who believe the conspiracy media and other “fringe” sources. Just because it was said by people like David Icke, Alex Jones, etc. then it must be true.

What is ignorance?

Here is the definition for it:

Your thoughts on ignorance?
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Aurora Moon at 1:45AM, March 20, 2008
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Theres more types of ingorant people than that, in my opinion.

add those to your current list:

4) The people who actually WILLINGLY makes themselves ingorant on purpose. People like the “flat-earthers”, for instance. They claim against all evidence and logic that the earth is in fact, supposedly flat. They refuse to read or educate themselves on how the earth works and why it's round. And the worse bit… they “educate” their children with their outdated and absurd “facts”… so thier children grow up as idiots who believe that the earth is flat.
Racism can also work as another fine example here… with all the prondaga they have about certain races in order to justify thier racism. And those supermicasts or whatever usually don't want to educate themselves about the “race” that they hate so much. After all to actually see the people they hate as human beings would make thier haterd lose it's edge.

5) The idiot who thinks he/she's an know-it-all. She/he doesn't watch the news that often (because of course they're too depressing), usually doesn't go to church expect on speical occisions, etc. In fact she/he doesn't actually study or specalize in any spefic fields. Yet, that person feels like she/he has to be an so-called “authority” on whatever the topic is at hand just because she/he said so. He/she dislikes to be wrong most of the time, after all… so of course because he/she “said so”, they must be always be right. Is made worse escpesically if that person is of an elderly-like nature, beliving that Age means widsom, so if she/he's really old then that must mean that he/she's a freakin' etinestin!!
“Don't you Sass me, young man!! I'm way OLDER than you are… so therefore that means that I'm much more of an expert at this than you are because I have LIFE EXPERINCE!! So of course I'm always right, and you're always wrong!”
Never mind that the older person in question proably dosen't know a single thing about reparing a car or whatever the topic was if she/he hasn't actually studied the field in question.
I mean, yes it's a given that when you get older, you gain life expernice. But it doesn't always make people wiser or any more mature. I've seen so many adults act so immaturely that I could hardly believe that they were adults. And I just don't mean online (although there's plenty of prime examples all over the place), but offline too.
I used to have a next-door neighbor girl whose mother acted like a total teenager… the poor girl would always be so embrassed every time her mother did something imature and stupid. And if the girl even tried to corrrect some of her mother's behavior, she would get this response: “Don't you dare tell your own mother what to do! I have WAY more life expernice than you…. so there!”
Oh yeah… sure….

I personally detest ingorance. now as human beings we all have acted like idiots at times… but there's a lot of people out there who really takes the cake.
Sometimes I just wish all of those idiots who do so much damage in the world would be given a HARD, brusing slap in the face which would make them snap out of it.
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ozoneocean at 2:03AM, March 20, 2008
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I'm Aurora type number 5! :)

Eh, I temper it these days through a bit of research and trying to see things (just a LITTLE bit) from the other person's perspective.

Ignorance is making grand pronouncements, and giving simplistic answerers to extremely complicated or unknowable questions.
-I wonder if that last sentence qualifies at all?
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Marguati at 4:47AM, March 20, 2008
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ignorance is relative. if you say someone is “ignorant” you're basically saying “more ignorant than me”, “more ignorant than the average man” or more likely “more ignorant than my idea of the average man”. everyone is ignorant in some field of knowledge (or “knowledge field”?), as one cannot really be proficient in everything… so I don't really like calling someone an ignorant.
that being said, the definition I prefer is #4, but… are really there “flat-earthers”??
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mechanical_lullaby at 7:27AM, March 20, 2008
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ignorance is relative. if you say someone is “ignorant” you're basically saying “more ignorant than me”, “more ignorant than the average man” or more likely “more ignorant than my idea of the average man”. everyone is ignorant in some field of knowledge (or “knowledge field”?), as one cannot really be proficient in everything… so I don't really like calling someone an ignorant.
that being said, the definition I prefer is #4, but… are really there “flat-earthers”??
I agree with what Marguati says here. Also, there REALLY are flat earthers.

To elaborate on this, it's ignorant to say “there are ignorant people and here are some examples of them” as if you're claiming to know more about the universe based on a documentary you saw on tv. It's ignorant of me to call these people ignorant and so forth.

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TheMidge28 at 8:24AM, March 20, 2008
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but the real question is…
Is a person who says they are ignorant, ignorant?
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DAJB at 11:27AM, March 20, 2008
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Ignorance, they say, is bliss.

There now. That doesn't sound so bad, does it?
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Aussie_kid at 3:18AM, March 21, 2008
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I believe everyone is ignorant, because it's impossible to know everything. Can you name every street on earth? Can you talk to everyone in their native tongue? Do you know the history of everything? In the end, no one can really call someone ignorant, unless talking about a specific field ‘You are ignorant in the Chinese language’ or ‘You are ignorant when it comes to European History’.

But now onto what Kyupol and Aurora Moon were saying. Sometimes these people are just scared of uncertainty. Back when people proclaimed the earth was round instead of flat, or revolved around the sun instead of the other way around, and people would punish them as heretics, it was partly because it went against what thye thought as ‘normal’. Slaves being treated badly was partly because they were new and different. And sometimes, humans fear what they don't understand, and unfortunately, what we fear we often destroy.

And then, there is the fact of power. Supremacists don't educate themselves because they feel exactly that, superior. To acknowledge other races as equal would cause them to lose that feeling of power, so they keep themselves from thinking otherwise and, to hold onto that feeling, teach their children the same thing so as to further cement it into their minds.

Anyway, that's just my two cents.
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fazz33 at 3:09PM, March 23, 2008
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To me… Ignorance is the refusal to beleive in fact, or truths. This definition is the one I think works best because as someone said its all relative and this is the most general definition I got that applies to that.

Ex: A devout church go'er may view you as ignorant because you don't believe the truthes of their religion, but in the same view the person who is not a church go'er can think the church go'er is ignorant because he thinks the church go'er's truthes are wrong, that they believe in something else.

Wow I think I broke the english language tehre with my double '. Anyways That said, ignorance is a 2 way street, live with it.
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StaceyMontgomery at 4:29PM, March 23, 2008
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I don't use the word “ignorant” much, it makes a bad descriptor and it's even worse as a noun.

I do sometimes speak of Ignorance. I suppose I mostly think of ignorance in terms of “willfull ignorance,” the intentional refusal to accept what seems logically obvious, that is, denial to the point of perversity.

It is, of course, in the eye of the beholder.

In my life I have often been Contrarian. I hope I have not too often indulged in ignorance.

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HippieVan at 6:06PM, March 24, 2008
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Sweet, I'm not any of those five kinds of ignorant…which I suppose could mean I'm my own kind of ignorant in which I refuse to accept that I am ignorant.
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lothar at 9:17AM, March 26, 2008
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To me… Ignorance is the refusal to beleive in fact, or truths.

NO , Belief permits ignorance !

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