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Who wants to play the comic game?
KingRidley at 9:07PM, Oct. 18, 2008
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Alright I just came up with an idea based off of something from my old forum.

We had this topic called ‘the comic game’ where each member would make a comic to follow a silly story line that changed based on what you wanted to happen. Rules were that you could only use a set style (sprites) and could only use sprites from a certain source, which was provided beforehand.

Pretty much one person makes a comic, for example Samus and Kraid finding a glass wall. Next person makes the next comic and does whatever he wants so long as he does it realistically (aka no ‘random rearrangement button, which did show up for quite a while), showing a clone of Samus and Kraid on the other side of the wall. Third person makes a third comic, and so on and so forth (the clones blasting through the wall screaming BIZARRO and demanding a destructo beam).

On here it would be a comic that I’m in charge of. The way it would work would be like this:

First few pages are the alloted sprites/backgrounds/materials/tutorials/etc needed to make the comic. Then I would make the first real page.

After that readers race to PQ me the next page. There would be a small amount of time before I post the next page, maybe two days, just enough time to let me look at the submissions and decide which one I think is funniest or most creative or whatever (there could maybe be a forum set up to debate choices or submissions if it gets popular). I'll then post it giving due credit to the artist. If their comic was selected, then they have to wait until they can submit another (but only for one comic). Or alternatively we can use the comments box to ‘call’ making the next comic and send it to me within a few days.

On my old forum we ended up with stories about giant waves of ass-blood killing all life on a planet, glitched out mutant statues, and of course the infinite rearrange button (which was broken because it was cheap as hell).

It ended up being a shitload of fun and each new comic was awesome. However, it only works if people are willing to participate. It will be using sprites, but that's because they are easy to figure out and work with. They will be 8-bit Metroid sprites so that there will be SOME semblance of a new style (and because I have the most sprite sheets for Metroid).

So if I can get at least three people willing to participate then I'll give this a shot. The best thing about this is that it only sucks as much as you do~
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KingRidley at 1:45PM, Oct. 19, 2008
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okay in an effort to get people interested I'll post example comics taken from the comic game I described. Right now it's only four comics long, but it shows promise.

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NickGuy at 6:43PM, Oct. 19, 2008
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this sounds way too complicated. I have a better idea:

how about someone draw ONE PANEL of a comic, then the next person goes, and so on and so forth? Im involved in one here at

and its alot of fun. doing one thats sprite only alienates alot of people.

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KingRidley at 7:15PM, Oct. 19, 2008
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man I chose sprites because they're easier than drawing. Anyone can use them. I can't draw well enough to draw a comic (although I would love to be able to), so the other kind would end up alienating people like me. But everyone can use sprites.
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Bittenbymonk at 4:00PM, Oct. 29, 2008
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I think it's an issue of who WANTS to use sprites, I mean once you establish a drawing style and learn to get better, who wan'ts to make a comic using sprites anymore? I'm not trying to be a jerk or anything, but using only sprites kinda does alienate people who draw in the same way that other projects alienate spriters, if you get what I mean. if you do get any signups, my bet is that it will be from people who deal almost exclusively in sprites.
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