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Why Did You Choose Drunk Duck to Host Your Comic?
I am Candyman at 6:02AM, Nov. 6, 2007
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I found DD totally by accident. I've been looking for some place to host my comics, and so far have not found any place that has been as welcoming or as user friendly as this place. The people seem cool, and less hostile than other places I've seen. And I needed a place that was free and easy to use. I have not had really any time to upload much, (not even an avatar) but I will soon. Thanks!
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ZiJing at 8:34PM, Nov. 9, 2007
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It seemed much easier to upload and format a webcomic here than with comicgen, who have this ungodly complicated way of uploading and formatting…..

And this place has such a welcoming feel to it. <3
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VinceLikesRooster at 10:10PM, Nov. 10, 2007
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I found Drunkduck by accident too. I searched on Google “funny pokemon comics” and came across DD that way. What I really like about this site is it will show when you update and plus you get one friend when you sign up (which isn't a total dick), plus I recommend DD to one friend and he has a REALLY good and still going Halo comic (Halo Messed Up)
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Djeinus at 2:47PM, Nov. 11, 2007
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My friend showed it to me, he was telling me about a comic he saw here on Drunk duck, and I sonn figured out, it was free, ANs it was easy to post here. That's all.
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dragodraconis at 6:22AM, Nov. 12, 2007
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why i chose drunk duck was cause alot of other sites require that you have an html and other stuff ready as well as the cash to add more space.
With drunk duck I don't have to go through the hassle of making a website they already have one made and ready.
Two there is no limit on how many comics you can put up weather they be rated for everyone or for adults.
Three if you don't like the webpage you guys would already have the html codes ready and to change. Html can be regular or css depending on what your good at
4 its easy to load up on comics, no hassle on which folder to put it in, no oops on deleting folders and its an easy click, type up, click and review.
5 updates are easy just choose a day you want your comic to come out weather it be weekly semi weekly or daily and I already have a month and 2 weeks worth of comics posted up semi weekly and the fun part is if you don't like the page or where the story is headed you can delete it a head of time and change it.
6 its free, no sign up and pay its literally free except for the stuff they sell but putting up a comic is free.
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Hdub7 at 3:46PM, Nov. 14, 2007
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My friend told me about it so I thought I'd try it out. Plus I was able to post my 24hr comic book challenge comic very easily.
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valesse at 9:32PM, Nov. 18, 2007
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I was coersed (rather easily) by Creepy Carly, TheNewLuciefer, Mr. Riot, WingNut, Zac and Acadia at WWTx 2007. Thanks guys! : )
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PyThomas at 8:56PM, Nov. 19, 2007
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The quail hypnotized me into doing so.

Actually, I decided to set one up here to simulcast the comics from my own website, at the recommendation of the Drunk Duck folks that were at Wizard World Texas last weekend.
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Uziel at 4:46PM, Nov. 21, 2007
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I found it after reading someone else's comic, and decided that the person that had offered me hosting previously had dropped the ball. It looked user-friendly enough and BOY was I right. I was able to upload all 20 comics in about an hour, with distractions.
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Croi Dhubh at 4:08PM, Nov. 23, 2007
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I was looking for information on how to format webcomics and found a website that actually suggested this place as a hosting site along with others. This was the only one that I felt had a good atmosphere about it and not filled with a bunch of elitist assmongers.

I haven't been disappointed so far
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The Devils Toilet at 8:53PM, Nov. 25, 2007
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A friend of mine who does webcomics recommended the duck. He mentioned that it was a good community, that it was pretty easy to upload even if you didn't have much experience with programmingm and that the price was reasonable. It appears he was more than right.
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subcultured at 9:07PM, Nov. 25, 2007
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i dunno why people keep thinking this is a good community…
i mean just last monday we ganged up on a newbie and made him wear a dress…
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MangoFlush at 9:56AM, Nov. 27, 2007
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I found out about DD through BtC (since it was once hosted here). I've never really bothered setting up some kind of comic management application on my own server so I figured this would be much easier to manage.

I was right, thank god.
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The Devils Toilet at 8:17PM, Nov. 27, 2007
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Subcultured - A dress, yes, but think of the time, the thoughtfulness and attention to detail that went into the choosing of that dress. Very flattering. It really brought out the newbie's eyes. Now that's community.
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Puff_Of_Smoke at 5:23PM, Nov. 29, 2007
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i dunno why people keep thinking this is a good community…
i mean just last monday we ganged up on a newbie and made him wear a dress…

Rly nao.
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Dazzus at 9:00PM, Nov. 30, 2007
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I chose Drunkduck because Smackjeeves was a pile of sh*t. Coincidentally, so were my early comics.
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Chernobog at 11:11PM, Dec. 2, 2007
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Easy to use, interesting forums, abundantly amounts of helpful tutorial, and good moderation. Without getting heavy into details, I was on Keenspace many years ago and it was just a terrible experience. Unhelpful, nonsensical controls, etc. I had to make sure if I ever made a webcomic again, it would have to be the complete opposite of that place.
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CaptianSly at 8:08AM, Dec. 6, 2007
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One of my Buddie's say's it's realy cool and it's something to do and, it's about realy cool comic's that I can read without dumb pop-up's…I don't think I made anysense then.

Forum sig banner sizes for DD are either 250x100 pixels or 480x60 pixels, (and no larger than 70K)
More info here: Rules.
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JRarts at 6:08PM, Dec. 7, 2007
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Well, I choose DrunkDuck mainly because I tried Keenspace a long while ago and couldn't quite figure it out and DD doesn't require me to know HTML which I understand about as well as I understand the language Basque. <<;; So yeah. I like it here thus far anyway.
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ShyRainbow at 3:00PM, Dec. 9, 2007
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Because this place seems fun.
And awesome. Sure is smackjeeves ,but most of
the people in SmackJeeves are ****ing yaoi obessed fangirls T____T
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seventy2 at 11:05AM, Dec. 11, 2007
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it hosts alot of my favorite comics….and the user interface is the best free one i've come across…
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omegasonic0 at 4:38PM, Dec. 12, 2007
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I came to DD after i found a Fanlink at Bob and George and because its free and extremely easy.
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Allyndn at 2:36AM, Dec. 15, 2007
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I'm brand new here as a comic creator, but my cousin posted some comics up here a few years ago and sent me a link. I've been out of comics literally for 20 years. When I started doing comics for fun again about a month ago, I remembered the link my cousin had sent me and decided to post my project here. Drunk Duck is the only comics site I know. I didn't shop around or anything. Though, reading all of the stuff folks have said on this forum makes me think I made the right decision.
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phinmagic at 8:42PM, Dec. 16, 2007
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Because DJ Coffman told me to. ;)
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ElTipejoLoco at 1:28AM, Dec. 18, 2007
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Because it's free.

And there's some very interesting artists and comics hosted on it.

Not that there aren't any on KeenSpace or KeenSpot or whatever they're calling themselves now, but yeah.
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ghostrunner at 11:15PM, Dec. 19, 2007
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actually ive been a fan of the gods of arr-kelaan for a while. i never thought of trying to host here, but since ive started ive found the site highly intuitive
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DreamDutchess at 7:18PM, Dec. 31, 2007
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I was useing comicgenesis. But you had to have so much knowledge of web stuff (and i just don't) so I was always had difficulty updateing pages. Plus the site was always having some kind of tech difficulty.
Drunkduck is pretty upfront and easy to figure out.
I think for it being as nice and easy to up things up and have more then one comic up, and not to mention being free. I can deal with the drunkduck in the url.
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Insanity at 6:59AM, Jan. 2, 2008
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i dunno why people keep thinking this is a good community…
i mean just last monday we ganged up on a newbie and made him wear a dress…
So, you're saying it's more like a fraternity?

I came across DD because my sister introduced me to it…
I saw Fuzzy Bunnies From Hell, and thought, 'maybe I can do this! This guy can!

So, Yeah.

I feel a little bit like Hitler right now, too.
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makingcomicsstudios at 7:41PM, Jan. 5, 2008
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I'm an alcoholic who gets a craving for Anatidae when the 3am munchies come a callin'. I figured there were others out in the world who shared my culinary fetish. I tried to use Google to find others like me. I still haven't found others like me. BUT I did find DRUNK DUCK!
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whitehawk at 3:54PM, Jan. 8, 2008
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I chose drunkduck cause I love the thought of a drunk duck. I mean comeon - Daffy Duck or Donald Duck type character slurring their squawking squabbles…who can resist.

Also because of the ease of setting up the page - I'm not too into wasting much time on fancy layout - just want to get my art out there. Drunkduck has an easy system for adding pages so you can simply put up your new comic page in between whatever of your day.

Also appears to be a decent amount of posters of comics here. Plus Herobynight's success is a good indicator that you can actually make it by starting some work on drunkduck if the material's good enough.

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