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Why did you join DrunkDuck?
warefish at 12:27AM, Oct. 24, 2008
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joined: 5-25-2007
Tichicken got me to join. He saw my comics and suggested DD to me. I started off making DoP (Dungeons on Paper) but no one understood the concept apart from my friends…
So I experimented with a different art style and created RP (Red Point).

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Djeinus at 2:51AM, Oct. 24, 2008
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Pancakes! It was the pancakes!

It had free free hosting, and it was easy to update.
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Molechan at 12:23PM, Oct. 26, 2008
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It was free, it had feedback. xD What more can I say?

I've hosted my comics on my own sites, you know, for the sake of at least feigning professionalism, but it's hard to do without feedback. I saw DrunkDuck, and thought I'd join since someone had brought it up several years ago. I sadly can't remember who that person was…probably wasn't a member, just some random dude who wanted to be helpful. xD;

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Warpedwenger at 1:02PM, Oct. 26, 2008
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I love this site… I honestly wouldn't know what to do without it. Drawing comics has always been my hobby but I'm to lazy to do anything substantial with my talents. Drunkduck gives me an outlet where I can share my creations with my peers and also give me lots of great stories to read!
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Vakanai at 6:16AM, Oct. 30, 2008
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I needed a free place to put up my Rumbles comic, and this was the first hit I got with Google.
The rest is history.
Very odd history.
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Zang One at 5:54PM, Oct. 30, 2008
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Oh yea, DD.

Comicgen has a R-tarded signup process and DD keeps updating at a nice, steady 7th grade lvl so i dont have to think to hard and get nosebleeds.

Plus it had a drunk duck on the banner…i mean COME ON. An inebriated waterfowl? I HAD to join.
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