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SliceOfDog at 7:04AM, Sept. 6, 2009
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I make comics because I have to. Seriously, my head is so full of ideas and jokes and stuff that, often, wouldn't work in any other medium. Sometimes if I come up with a really good joke I can't sleep unless I jot it down, cause I'm worried I'll forget it in the morning. Problem is, I'm a much better writer than artist, so I have well over 200 comics jotted up, and only about 20 drawn, most of which are terrible.
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ozoneocean at 7:08AM, Sept. 6, 2009
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Sorry guys, debate and discussion is for discussing debatable issues and things.
These posts are great but they're better in the comic Discussion area. And there's already a post there on this very subject :)

Have a look, join in, and share your experiences ^__^
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