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Why Hallo There. :D
MadamBlack at 3:13PM, Nov. 29, 2010
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Hi there, I'm Madam Black! (Technically MadamBlack…but sometimes I separate the spaces…)
I like to draw and drink green tea. (It's kind of an obsession…If I do say so myself. xD) I also love to watch anime all day long and constantly check on webcomics (hence my registration here).

Well…nice to meet y'all!
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ayesinback at 3:45PM, Nov. 29, 2010
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Hello Madam Black! I like green tea too.
You TOO can be (multiple choice)
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Adariel at 6:16AM, Dec. 3, 2010
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Welcome to DD Madam Black!
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itsjustaar at 1:15AM, Dec. 4, 2010
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Pleasure to meet you! :3 I hope you enjoy your stay!
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