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why must i cry????
subcultured at 7:26AM, Oct. 8, 2009
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mr_thin at 9:44AM, Oct. 8, 2009
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This is priceless…just priceless.

I think he could benefit from auto-tune.

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Dark Clown at 2:13PM, Oct. 8, 2009
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ahh prime example why people that think they can sing, rap, or what ever the HELL you call that, should be gathered together and Shot then burned in mass.

How this Mo even thought it was a good idea to make a video to that tone deaf clogged nose muffled sound he thinks is singing is beyond us…

and to think that the aforementioned Mo was given effing time on TV thanks to that nifty shit show Tosh 2.0 or what ever they called that Americas funnest home video: “interned edition” knock off. where they interview the dumb shit, and even gave him the chance to make that Horrid vid AGAIN!

What the FUCK is wrong with the world

This Fluid feels like Pain, This stoic mood is all in vain.
I reach into the dark, I tear this other me apart.
How many years ago, How many deaths I can't let go.
My Flesh Is Temporary, My God Extraordinary.
You… can''t… Kill… My… MIND!!!!!

The War Will continue, Just on a different battle field
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Gillespie at 8:49PM, Oct. 11, 2009
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I couldn't finish it…it was horrible.
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