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Why, hi there, everyone.
Ruin at 10:14PM, Feb. 6, 2010
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I am Ruin, but you may call me Dai, seeing as I've been called that since freshman year in high school. I've been haunting this website for a few years now and figured “Why the hell not?” and joined. I'd like to meet new people, and eventually post a comic of my own here(After I get through the task of ripping every single sprite I want to use since I prefer using sprites I've ripped myself) hopefully within the year. Like, before summer.

Anyway, I've read a number of comics here, a few of them I enjoy quite a lot, and perhaps I'll find a great number more that I'll really like. Only time will tell. All in all, I am Ruin, I am Dai, and I am glad to meet you all.
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Erad at 6:25AM, Feb. 7, 2010
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Hi Dai!

Glad you joined the community!

Hope to see you around the forums and I'll look forward to your comic. Make sure you stay engaged with the community, it's the best way to get your comics known and grow your fan base!

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