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Will you be doing Holiday themed stories, this year?
Sidwarrious at 11:14PM, Oct. 30, 2007
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*shameless plug* Mercs is actually doing a three part Halloween story. Parts 1 and 2 are up and the final installment will be up tonight since it IS the 31st kinda. And I have another three parter planned for Thanksgiving and Xmas as well as a special for New Years. Don't know why, just feel like doing it ^__^
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marine at 11:23PM, Oct. 30, 2007
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I'm trying to develop up a thanksgiving idea. I may or may not do it.

I've got my Christmas stuff planned out and I think its going to be some classic penis.
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Rutger at 4:09AM, Oct. 31, 2007
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Actually, I'm taking place in the Secret Santa community thing, so that'll be my Christmas special, I guess.

K.A.L.A.-dan! rutGAR desu!
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Piscareous at 11:27PM, Nov. 1, 2007
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I would love to do some type of holiday themed story line, unfortunatly there's no way for me to do that and have it be canon. I might do some holiday art instead.
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Sidwarrious at 11:46PM, Nov. 1, 2007
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JEs label it as noncannical. My Halloween waset in a modern world for a fantasy comic. But it was fun to do.
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Jules at 12:57PM, Nov. 3, 2007
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I'm still finishing up my Halloween-themed story line for T.R.P.C.. Hopefully I'll be able to get an update in today to finish it up.
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