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Worf goes through the stargate to get to the Gamma Quadrant
timelike01 at 7:48AM, March 28, 2008
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Some time ago, I dreamed that I saw an episode of Deep Space Nine that I'd never seen before. In this episode, Worf gets really pissed off at how the war with the Dominion is going, and so he decides to contact a mysterious alien race in the Gamma quadrant that's been rumored to have a military technology that could turn the tide of the war. Though Sisko doesn't authorize it, Worf goes ahead and seeks out that alien race by going through the stargate. (I know there's no stargates on DS9, but that's what happened in the dream.) Sisko knows that Worf is likely to disobey his orders, so he has the stargate reprogrmmed so it'll send Worf to a friendly planet where he'll later get picked up by starship and sent back to DS9. But Worf works around that and gates to the forbidden Gamma Quadrant planet anyway. Once there, he makes contact with the mysterious alien race and succesfully persuades them to fight the Dominion.

Yup! That's some weird stuff. And yes, I also know how nonsensicle the premise behind this unreal DS9 episode is. But it was a dream, therefore it doesn't have to make sense.
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ozoneocean at 7:56AM, March 28, 2008
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The only nonsensical thing is the crossover of the named device, especially since DS9 is canned. Apart from that it sounds like any normal DS9 show, even down to the tech itself (Stargates) which do exist in the DS9 universe (in some form) anyway. :)

Good dream!
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