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Writer and Artist Looking for MSpaint Artists to join our team for Sonic The Hedgehog Long Running Comic Series!
aitcheson at 5:07PM, July 26, 2008
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My orignal topic is below about my sonic comic but I have decided that I want to do it in MSpaint. So I found this wonder full artist! Heres there site with there comics But we are now searching for people to join our team so that we can get the comics done faster! Each artist would be asighned a few pages of each issue. There is really no schedale or time limite and we would love to see your stuff. Just send an email to
Check out my orignal post below for more info about the comic!

Orignal Post

Okay I have written some issues for a Sonic comic called Sonic Adventure The Series. I had an artist draw the prolouge about a year ago but she could go all the way so the scripts have been siting around since than and I would love to start the series up! Here is the first issue #0 The Prolouge:

Page 1:
Page 2:
Page 3:
Page 4:
Page 5:
Page 6:
Page 7:
Page 8:

If you are truley intersted send me an email at: and send me a sample of your artwork. And dont worry if you have any request on anything im sure i could work with it . The only requirements are:

-You cant be in it for just one or two issues you have to be commited. (But you dont have to do it forever :P.)

-The Cover has to be in color!!! (Its just this crazy thing I have I dont care about the other pages but the cover I just have to have it colored. Its really my only thing)

-You have to be good at drawing Sonic Characters and Areas. (If you dont know what a Character or area looks like I can get pics.)

-You have to give me samples

Oh and if your interestead here are 2 of the next issues scripts! Sorry if the text like freaks out its something to do with Drunk Ducks fourm showing Microsoft Words text.

Sonic Adventure
The Series

#1: A Chilling Discovery

Cover: Have Sonic and Knuckles in the Ice Castle looking at Tikal trapped in Ice and Bark throwing ice shards down at them.

Words Show in white on a black back ground:
Days have passed since Sonic and friends opened the portal between the worlds of earth and mobious but they are still unable to find any proof that there attempted to bring back those they had lost was a success.


Sonic is seen ridding on the ocean tornado (as seen in sonic rush adventure). Sonic talks into his wrist watch to Tails.

SONIC: Ok where do I go now?

TAILS: The signal seems to be coming strongest from your right. Which means that if anyone made it thought that portal they would be in that direction.

When a second person is talking on the wrist watch there picture appears in the right corner. Knuckles is show in the square to the right Tails in the square to the left.

KNUX: The only thing out in that direction is a huge ice burg. Tails can I barrow a plane I don�t want sonic to be the only one out their and screw something up!


Shows sonic taking off in the ocean tornado and knuckles taking off in the Tornado X (sonic x)

SCENE: Ice Burg

Knuckles is seen landing on a snowy island in the middle of a blizzard. He looks down at wrist watch. Just then the sound of a motor is heard. Knuckles turns to see sonic landing the ocean tornado in the snow.

KNUX: The signals coming from that way.

Points in front of him

Sonic and Knuckles run up to the top of a cliff. At the top they are able to see a castle built completely of ice.


KNUX: Where did this come from?

SONIC: It has to be from the portal.

KNUX: So if this castle made it here then maybe� JULIE-SU MADE IT TO!

Knuckles glides off the cliff

SONIC: Wait! Knuckles! We don�t know what else might have got sent here. Wow for once im the nag.

Knuckles lands in front of the entrance. Sonic jumps of the cliff to join him.

They both walk inside. Just as they walk in the door it slams shut. As they turn to see the door close. Bark appears on the top of a stair way in the middle of the room.

BARK: Ha ha finally the tables are turned and you two are in my prison.

KNUX: What the Bark?!

SONIC: It�s ok Knucles it�s only bark what can he really do? I mean he was only made for Sonic Fighters and what he could he even do than? Nothing but through his fists around.


Bark moves his hands and is able to control a huge hunk of ice with out touching it. He flings the ice at Knuckles and Sonic. Hitting both of then and sending them flying into the wall.

SONIC: Ahh when did he learn to do that?!

BARK: Well it seems your little magic trick had some effect on me. But without it I couldn�t have done this!

Bark moves his hands up and from the ground a block of ice is revealed holding Tikal unconscious.

KUNX: What the how did she get here? The portal was only supposed to connect to mobious.

SONIC: Well maybe it was because we used the master emerald.

BARK: ENOUGH! No more talking!

SONIC: Yeah try and stop us!

Sonic jumps and try�s to use a homing attack on Bark but he blocks it with a wall of ice. Knuckles try�s to punch Bark from behind but Bark quickly turns around and sends dozens of balls of ice at him.

Sonic and Knuckles are thrown back and stop attacking

KNUX: We can�t stop him like this!

SONIC: Wait I have an idea. You hold him off and try to rescue Tikal.

Sonic brakes throw a wall of ice and runs out of the castle.

KNUX: Bark let her go!

BARK: Fine you can have her� if you can find her!

KNUK: what?!

Knuckles turns back to look at the block of ice where Tikal was being held to find it empty.

KNUK: Where is she you…

The sound of a motor is suddenly heard. Sonic breaks throw the door while riding the Ocean Tornado. He rams forwards and slams into Bark sending him flying into the wall.

BARK: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Sonic jumps off the Ocean Tornado. Tikal is seen lying down at the top of the stairs. Knuckles runs up to her with Sonic running up behind him. Knuckles drops down to her and starts shaking her trying to wake her up.

KNUX: Tikal�Tikal.

Tikal�s eyes start to open.

TIKAL: Wha�where am I? I remember wakening from the emerald and then it got cold very cold.

SONIC: It�s ok its Sonic and Knuckles

TIKAL: But how�how did I get back to your world?

KNUX: It�s a long story will tell you on the way back to Tail�s lab.

SCENE: Tails Lab

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Cream stand around Tikal as they try to figure out what has happened.

TIKAL: I woke up and I was outside in a cold blizzard. I had no clue what was going on and then�I was hit in the back of the head and I guess I black out because the only thing I remember after that is looking back up to Knuckles.

TAILS: Weird the portal must have had effect on the Master Emerald bringing you back to our world. But what im worried about is how Bark was able to control all that ice telepathically.

AMY: Well at least we know that the portal worked! Sonic what happened to Bark when you left?

SONIC: Oh yeah what did happened to him?

KNUX: I thought you went after him?

SONIC: I thought you did!?

AMY: Oh brother!

SCENE: Ice Castle

BARK: They think they have beaten me. But its only the beginning Sonic you and your friends will pay with your lives!

Bark is show with a sharp pointy ice shards in his hands.



#2 Sins Of The Past Part 1

COVER: Tikal is in the middle with her head down praying. With misty images of Sonic, Cream, Chaos, Eggman, and Pachacamac around her.

SCENE: Angle Island

Tikal looks out over the waters while sitting on the edge of the floating Angle Island.


Scene from Sonic Adventure 1, Tikal and her father are seen arguing next to the master emerald.

TIKAL: No this is not right!

Pachacamac: We need the master emeralds power to keep are tribes safe!

TIKAL: But violence isn�t the answer!

Pachacamac: Tikal get out of my way!

Pachacamac is seen hitting Tikal and she falls to the ground. Then the Master Emerald�s alter is seen on fire.

Pachacamac: Great god Chaos lend us your powers to defeat our enemies!

Chaos appears

Scene fades into flash back from sonic adventure 1s ending. Super Sonic and Tikal are seen on a bridge over a flooded city. Perfect Chaos is seen in the distance.

TIKAL: Chaos is not evil, just angry and filled with revenge. Sonic you must stop him before the past repeats itself.

SONIC: Right!

Then shows Sonic blasting into perfect chaos. Chaos turns back to Chaos 0 and all of the water disappears.

TIKAL: Come Chaos back to the emeralds where we belong

Tikal and Chaos start to float upwards as a light shines from above.

TIKAL: Thank you Sonic.


SCENE: Back on Angle Island

CREAM: Tikal!

Cream is seen running towards where Tikal is sitting.

CREAM: Tikal why are sitting out here all alone?

TIKAL: Just thinking.

Cream sits down next to Tikal.

CREAM: Thinking about what?

TIKAL: Ohh nothing.

CREAM: Where do you think Chaos is?

TIKAL: Close.

Tikal stands up still looking out at the water.

TIKAL: I just feel it.

Cream smiles and looks back out at the sea.

SCENE: Forest

Sonic is seen running through the forest at the speed of sound. When he sees ahead of him a portal.

SONIC: What the Wooooowwww!

Sonic try�s to stop but he runs right threw it.

SCENE: Maginary World

Sonic is seen suspended in a black world.

SONIC: Wha�where am I?!?


SONIC: Lumina is that you?

LUMINA: Yes of course it�s me. Sonic this isn�t a pleasure meeting with you! You and your friends have done something horrible!

SONIC: Ohh yeah I figured you wouldn�t like the whole opening of the portal. Ha ha ha.

LUMINA: You of all people know that combining worlds only leads to trouble! And Maginary world is just a portal of portals so it�s my job to make sure no one messes around with it! But there�s not much I can do now without causing anymore damage. So if anything does happened to go wrong it�s on you and your friends heads Sonic.

SONIC: Lumina chill don�t I always come through?

LUMINA: Yes but don�t think I didn�t see that last battle with Bark.

SONIC: That was a weird fight. I don�t understand how he almost beat me and knuckles.

LUMINA: Well I have work to attend to so bye for now Sonic. Oh and one more thing take this just in case of an emergency.

Lumina flings a giant card at sonic. Sonic catches it and the second he touches it he�s back in the forest.

SONIC: What was that all about?

SCENE: Jungle Ruins (Sonic Adventure 1)

Knuckles is seen running and slashing his way thought the jungle.


Knuckles stops and jumps atop a cliff in front of him.

KNUK: Julie-su…

Amy walks up from behind him.

AMY: Knuckles�

Amy looks down.

AMY: You miss her don�t you?

Knuckles turns his head to the ground.

AMY: That�s why you told us about the whole portal thing isn�t it? Because you thought it could bring you two together aging. Knuckles I don�t know if she got threw or not. But I do know one thing. You will see her aging.

For a second Knuckles shows a small smile.

KNUK: Come on Tails and the others need our help.

AMY: Right

A rocket comes out of nowhere and hits knuckles


G-MEL: Not so fast!

G-mel walks out from the jungle.

AMY: G-MEL!?!? Wha�What are you doing here? I thought we destroyed you!

G-MEL: Well it seems the good old doctor was able to rebuild me. But as you see im not as weak as I once was. It seems some good upgrades and studying you and your friend�s attacks has given me the upper hand. But now lets cut to the chase where�s that girl?

AMY: Girl? You mean Tikal? What does Eggman want with her?

G-MEL: She�s not what the doctor wants. It�s the one she can help locate.

AMY: The one she can help locate? Do you mean Chaos?

Knuckles gets up from the ground.

KNUK: I don�t care what the doctor wants. As long as I�m around he�s not going to get his way.

Knuckles swings a bunch and hits G-mel. G-mel gets up and points his hand out. His palm of his hand opens to reveal a machine gun and starts shooting at knuckles. Knuckles is hit a few times.

AMY: Kunckles! Leave him alone you bucket of bolts!

Amy puts her arm out and her Pika-Pika hammer appears. She swings at G-mel from behind but before she is able to hit him he strikes her with a discolored version of her hammer. Amy and Knuckles lie on the ground looking up at G-mel.

G-MEL: Enough of these games if she�s not here then where is she!

BOKKUN: G-mel a have a special message from the doctor!

G-mel turns to see Bokkun flying towards him.

BOKKUN: Eggman says he�s located the girl.

G-MEL: Good lets go.

Amy and Knuckles helplessly watch as G-mel and Bokkun run off.

SCENE: Waterfall Pond Area

Cream, Cheese and Tikal sit along the banks of a pond with a waterfall dumping into it.

CREAM: Didn�t I tell you it was beautiful here!

TIKAL: Yes it is.

CHEESE: Choa Choa Choa!

G-MEL: You better take a good look because this might be the last time you see it.

Tikal, Cream and Cheese turn around to see G-mel walking towards them. They all jump up in excitement.

CREAM: Ah you�re that bad robot that works for Doctor Eggman!

Tikal jumps in front of cream.

TIKAL: Cream stay behind me. What do you want?

G-MEL: The Doctor wants to find Chaos so do you know anyone who could help him?

G-mel smiles at his question while Tikal is nervous.

TIKAL: Stay away im warning you!

G-mel walks closer.

G-MEL: Are you threatening ME?!?


Tikal�s eyes start to glow and the sky gets dark and cloudy. Lighting starts trying to hit G-mel but he�s moves to fast. Finely G-mel is close enough and he punches Tikal. Tikal blacks out.

CREAM: Tikal!

G-mel picks up the unconscious Tikal and a jet back comes out of his back. He fly�s of into the sky with Tikal in his arms. Cream and cheese fly up after him.

CREAM: No you can�t do this! Cheese Chao Cannon!

Cream holds Cheese and hurls him at G-mel. He hits G-mel but is unsuccessful in stopping. Cheese falls down hit Cream causing them both to fall.

CREAM: *to herself* Tikal no�

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