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Writer hoping to jump the waiting line for an artist
The_Skandalous at 8:57PM, July 4, 2007
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This is a project that's been in my head for awhile, and I have it planned quite a long way.

“Insurgency” is intended to be a fast paced action thriller, set in a society where there is a gargantuan class divide between the minority rich and the majority poor. The government favors the former as a consequence of which an insurgency is born, swearing to destroy the system as it exists and install a poor-friendly regime in its place.

Dealt with in detail will be the experiences of a teenage computer prodigy, who is forced into the insurgency due to extenuating circumstances. Once roped in, he rubs some of his fellow insurgents the wrong way. This being a ragged militia outfit - not a disciplined army - he finds himself locked in a struggle for his survival.

The politics and infighting of the rebels commanded by their mysterious leader and his cadre of enforcers, as well as the police, struggling to suppress them will be a predominant theme. At the fore, moving the story, is the dogfight between the rebels and the police as each attempts to outsmart the other. I hope to play it out as a chess-match like scenario - each move by each side having a profound impact.

I haven't yet decided on the setting. It may be fictional or it may be a real nation. I'm inclined towards choosing an actual developing country for the realism factor.

I'm hoping to find an artist who is good with drawing people(in a various styles of clothing),is also good with weapons (Sniper rifles, AKs) and Urban and Forest settings. Whether it's done in color or not depends on the artist.

If anyone's interested please reply to this or PQ me
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The_Skandalous at 9:19PM, July 5, 2007
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I understand that it's part of the protocol for me to attach a script sample, so here's the first page:



Panel 1/5 (Large)

A sniper sits at the edge of the roof of a building. He wears a black head-band and his rifle is mounted on a stand.

He is watching the road below, by the side of which a crowd of people have gathered. The road is busy with vehicles.

Sniper (frowning): At last…

Panel 2/5

View of the crowd through the sniper-scope. An elderly man is at the center of the crowd, talking to the people around him. The cross-hair is centered on his head.

Sniper: Die before the storm.

Panel 3/5

Blood is flying from the man's head as the bullet hits him and his back is arched as he collapses. The people around him are wide-eyed with shock

Panel 4/5

The sniper speaks into a radio device. He has a cruel smile on his face.

Sniper: It is done.

Panel 5/5

A man (The Guide) is seated at a table. Maps and documents are strewn all over the table. We do not see the man's face; only his body from neck down. He has just replaced a radio device. He addresses another figure in the room (The figure need not be detailed)

The Guide: The honorable minister has been sent to the next life. This is it. They can ignore us no more…
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