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Writer looking for an artist
Etial at 6:37AM, July 14, 2007
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Hello, I am a writer and I am looking for an artist for a Comedy/ fantasy/ mythology comic. I will have political jokes, and somewhat of a storyline and at the same time random jokes between plot lines. The story line is original but has some Life of Riley referances, As in: I'm blowing bubbles in my Strawberry milk! with a cross hair over the guys head. (first web comic I ever read)

If you want to do this please send me an email to or mail me on drunkduck. Only question left is: Are your up to the job?
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Wookie74 at 6:03AM, July 18, 2007
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Hi, I'm intrested but I would have to know more before commiting.
Have you got a script I can read?
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