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Writer looking for an artist.
TYC at 6:47PM, Feb. 15, 2006
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Hello all, I am in search of someone to work with me to create a comic, as I'm sure comes to no surprise to any of you based on the title and the place that I have posted.

I have written for a comic before, but the artist pulled out on the project at the last second, so I guess you could say that I have some expirence.
The type of comic I'm looking to write for is mostly humor, and I can write for diffrent styles of comic, from the detailed series-based ( Character a is poisioned! Characters B,C,and D must go an an epic 60-page journey to get the anoidote in a far off jungle occupied by bad guys whos fortress they will have to infiltrate taking another 20 pages) to the undetailed series based (same thing but about 5 pages long) to the random assortment comics (Cheese r gud) I do tend to inject drama into a story if i get into it enough, but I don't have to. The subject matter I write can be anything from clean (witch isin't as funny at times) to full blown mature, with drugs and sex refrences.

The comics I was pratically raised on happened to be furry, so the direction I tend to head in with ideas in is twords a world with a mix of humans and furs, to if nothing else make for good on the spot jokes, although I am perefectly happy making a comic thats no humans, or only humans, as for the most part it dosent change the avaibility of jokes by a drastic level.

As for the type of artist I'm looking for, I would like someone that can get a medium amount of detail in the characters, and if backgrounds are possible then thats an even bigger bonus. As for the update schedule, I would like AT LEAST a weekly strip, but I think that a three times a week update schedule would be all i can handle, so somehting in between there would be perfect. I do though have my moments of sudden inspiration though, so I can get ideas out at a fairly good rate.

I would like this comic to exist for quite a while, so I think it would be important that both of us agree on the comic and each idea put into it, to avoid it ending in 5 strips.
If you would like to contact me, my very humble email is
If you feel I have left out an important detail in this post, please tell me. And please excuse my grammar and spelling, as I know it's not perfect.
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mechanical_lullaby at 12:44PM, Feb. 16, 2006
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when you say medium amount of detail… do you mean slightly chibi-fied?
adult-ish or teenage? (just trying to get a feel into what your explaining. I'm teetering on the edge of interested)

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TYC at 5:39PM, Feb. 16, 2006
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No, not chibi-fied. All I ment with that was that I would perfer that the artist has some drawing ability, but I'm not looking for absolute Da Vinci perfection.

And if you were refering to the age of the characters I tend to create, I usually go for about 18 to 20. This way, I can have them use cars as transportation more resonably (even though I knopw many people without a lisence that do, but thats a diffrent story) and if i put them in a modern or not far future setting, I usually like to put them in college, because college has so many jokes and ideas that go along with it. Also, at about those ages I can put them into situations that other age groups might not be as funny in.

Now then, if you were refering to the maturity level of the entire comic, then I would say somewhere in between. I don't plan to have it laced with swearing and sex for every peice of dialoge (thought i guess there woudld be an exception of certain characters) but I don't want all the jokes to be high-brow and extremly difficult to understand.So yeah, I would say in the middle somewhere.
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Ramirezul at 7:25PM, Feb. 20, 2006
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I sent you an e-mail. Looking forward to the reply.

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