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Writer Looking for Dark/Gothic/Fantasy Artist for a Beetlejuice Web Fancomic/Reboot
JRarts at 11:11PM, Aug. 28, 2008
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Hey all, JRarts again.

I am looking for a gothic/fantasy artist who might be a fan of either the old Beetlejuice movie or cartoon and would be interested in helping me to a reboot of the series.
My vision is a darker more mature version of the story as Lydia Deets, a young girl with a strange psychic link with the occult becomes entangled in an ancient sorcerer's quest for resurrection. Beetlejuice, once known as Betelgeuse, the former leader of a long lost Greek sect that worshiped the star of the same name was trapped by holy men within the Nether Realm and has fought against his imprisonment ever since. Winter River, Connecticut- it was here that 1000 years ago in the Forbidden Land that Betelgeuse was sealed away, it is here that his powers can strain the border of the realms the most.
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