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Writer seeking artist for a ten-page one-shot.
Rokan4 at 6:03PM, Feb. 11, 2010
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WARNING! If you are a fan of the modern vampire stuff AND you are sensitive about it, do not read any further!!!

I'm making a script for a ten-page one-shot comic, and am looking for an artist to bring it to life.

It's a short spin-off story from my original story, Aaramina. The main character, Aaramina, is a woman who goes around hunting and destroying illegal “Omega labs”, which create Omega Energy, a dangerous power that can be used for various things.

This one-shot will be parodying the recent vampire craze (you know what story I'm talking about) and will be about Aaramina stumbling across an operation to create extremely beautiful “vampires” using Omega Energy.

I kinda prefer a manga-style artist for this, but I'm open to other challengers who may think another style would suit it better. It can be colored or black and white. It doesn't matter to me.

Also, I write my script in a way that lets the artist choose how the panels will go. In other words, I write the info and dialogue for each page, and the artist will decide panel placement. We can always review the script together, though, just to clarify some things that may confuse you.

Also, I prefer that you have an instant messenger to communicate with. I have AIM, MSN messenger, and Yahoo Messenger, so take your pick.

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cdranger at 6:45AM, Feb. 12, 2010
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Hmmm…This is a very interesting idea!
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