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Writer seeking Manga artist for a new comic
Plokman at 12:24PM, March 26, 2010
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Not sure if this is okay for this forum but anyway.

I'm currently working on a idea for a long term Manga. But it's still in the concept design stage at the mo so I've decided to start a Pokemon based manga to fill the gap as a regular comic. Here are some details on thois Pokemon Manga.

-First off here are the main characters


Sorry for the fact that Joey is sprited but I can't draw very well. Just so you know he is wearing a Tee shirt and blue jeans. That logo on his shirt is the Trowan Pokemon league's official symbol (It's like that check mark thing on Ash's hat from the anime) it is four Pokeballs connected together. also he is wearing a red belt.


also for a idea on Sean's normal clothes. Sean is drawn in the first pic (Drawn by my friend Solara the hedgehog) in a battle armor that he would wear in another comic I have a idea for. But in this comic he would wear a pair of grey jeans and a blue tee shirt. He would also be wearing his scarf most of the time as well.

Now as I said before I can't draw so many characters I will have to describe.

Now onto the Pokemon that will be in this comic. Almost any of the exsisting 494 (I'm not going to have Arceus) can appear in this manga. I will also be using Pokemon from The Pokemon Factory () Hence the reason I have that disclaimer in the description of my comic () So I can barrow from them.

Now Style of Pokemon world I'm going for is a kinda mix of the Anime, Pokemon Adventures manga, and a little bit of the Electric tales of Pikachu (Viz censored version I might add on that last on as this is a shonen manga) So that trainers can have their Pokemon follow them outside of the Pokeballs. Tech might be mega advanced. and a few other things.

Also heres a sample of my scripting ability.


Script title: The Start of A Journey.

(A map of Kanto is shown. The whole region is visible and a Pidgey is seen flying over Pallet Town.)

Caption: Kanto. Birth place of the Indigo leauge. Home of the Elemental Bird trio.

(A map of Johto is shown. The whole region is visible and Lugia is seen flying over Cianwood City.)

Caption: Johto. A land of legends. Home of the Elemental Beast Trio.

(A map of Hoenn is shown. The whole region is visible and Kyogre is seen Swimming near Lilycove City.)

Caption: Hoenn. The land of nature. Home of the Golem Trio and the Weather Trio.

(A map of Sinnoh is shown. The whole region is visible and Dialga is seen Flying over near Mount Coronet.)

Caption: Sinnoh. Land of Time and Space. Home of the lake trio and the Dimensional Dragon Trio.

(We now see a close up of a Pokeball)

Caption: There are many regions in the world of Pokemon. Some large some small. Some are chains of Islands.
Some are mainland destinations. One thing they have in common is mystery and adventure.

(A Boy Jr. Trainer is seen with a Psyduck getting ready for a battle.)

Caption: Every year at the age of 10 trainers from many towns and cities all over begin their journeys. Some
seeking to become the best trainer ever and some to find out more about the Pokemon of the world. One such journey
is about to begin in the Trowan region.

(A view of the small port town of South Lazuli is shown now. A small ship is setting in the birth at the end of the
dock getting ready to sail. Joey is setting on the dock near the shore a Porygon is setting next to him with its
head laying against him asleep. A normal Pokeball and a Timer ball can be seen cliped to Joey's belt. Joey is looking
at his Trown model pokedex. We now see a image of a trainer card displayed on the hologram screen.)

Trainer card:

Joey: *sighs* It's been two weeks since I got my Trainers license. I've yet to beat anyone in a match and to top it off now
I'm moving from my home region to another.

(close up of the porygon is shown.)

Joey: I got a Torchic from Prof. Ceder the day after I got my license and my dad got me Poypoy my Porygon for my birthday
when he was at Silph Co. in Saffron City. They gave him to him for the repairs he did with a special Timer ball to keep
him in. Poypoy is one of my best friends now though hes still low level since I haven't had a chance to train him. Poypoy
is very special since hes a rare shiny Porygon. Blue is my favorite color and another reason hes my best friend.

(Poypoy stirs and looks around sleepily)

Poypoy: Qauc? Yequi?

Joey: It's ok Poypoy. Mom hasn't gotten here yet. Go ahead and sleep.

Poypoy: Yequi. (Poypoy goes back to sleep and lays his head on the dock.)

Joey: My dad got a job in the Coron region. Our new home is in a small town about the size of Lazuli Town called Tincoil Town.Pokemon training runs in the family. My cousin Aaron she is the Gym leader in Azule city. My dad has been a trainer since he was ten but went into electronics repair. His Jolteon, Pikachu, and Porygon2 help him with these jobs.

From off panel: Joey! there you are!

(Joey jumps and nearly falls on Poypoy. Poypoy sleeps on as Joey scrambles to his feet. A young women approaches Joey.
she is about five feet tall with the same color of hair as Joey and deep blue eyes. Her hair is shoulder length and it drapes
over her shoulders a bit. she is wearing a blue blouse and a ankle length Grey dress. She has a small nose and is wearing a
pair of glasses. barley visible and mostly covered up by her bangs on her forehead is a tiny scar as if she had very long ago
fell and hit her head.)

Joey: Hi mom.

Mom(looking a bit annoyed): What are you doing on the dock?! You know I still wish you had gotten a Squirtle for your starter.

Joey(Looking kinda nervous and scratching the back of his head): Well Prof. Ceder was out of water starters. Most pepole in
Lazuli Town wanted to try to get in to Aaron's Gym as under trainers.

Mom: I know. I'm still a little nervous about you going on your Pokemon journey.

Joey: I'll be ok.

(A Machop carrying a box pauses as it asks Joey's mom a question. The box is marked “Things to do on the boat”)

Machop: Chop chop ma?

Mom(Looking kinda embarrassed): I'm sorry I never met a Machop before today and have no idea what your saying.

Machop(Looking annoyed): Mach.

(Joey pulls out his Pokedex.)

Joey: I've got it. Bit Pokemon Translation mode.

Bit the Pokedex: Translation activated. Machop said “Is this the boat?” and “Oi.”

Machop: Machop ma chop chop cho machop Ma?!! Ma Cho ma ma Chop.

Bit: He now says “Why in the world did it translate that?!!” And “I am very sorry miss.”

Mom: Think nothing of it. Yes this is the boat. Be very careful with that box.

Machop: Ma cho ma. Ma.

Bit: He said “No worries mam. Onward.”

(The Machop climbs the gang plank and disappears below deck.)

Mom: Hes a polite one isn't he.

Joey: Yeah he is. I knew Machop were kind sorts but not that polite.

(The Machop returns.)

Machop: Machop ma chop chop ma ma.

Bit: He says “All done. Ready to go back.”

Mom: Ok. (she pulls out a Ultra ball.) Machop return. (The laser hits Machop and he returns to the Ultra ball.) Joey I'll
be right back. I got to take this back to Nurse Joy at the Pokemon Center. (Ten minutes later she returns.) Ok time to go.

(They both board the boat. Joey's mom gets it started.)

Mom: Good thing I know how to do this.

(The boat leaves the dock and starts heading west. Joey is standing at the stern setting with a sad look in his eye.)

Joey(a tear running down his face.): Good bye Trowan. I'll return one day and beat the league. Just wait. Right Poypoy.
(Relizes that Poypoy isn't next to him and starts looking franticly for him.) Poypoy! Where did you go?!!! Not here either!!

Poypoy(From off panle): Qauc!!!!!!! Qauc!!!!! Yequi!!!!!!! (We see Poypoy jumping up and down on the dock) Yequi!!!!!

Mom: Joey!! You forgot him on the dock!!!

Joey(Looking crestfallen): Guh. (Joey pulls the Timer Ball off his belt. He then points it at the dock) Poypoy Return!!!!
(The laser shoots out and hits Poypoy returning him to the ball.) There I got him. (Joey now holds the Timer ball and
presses the button on the front. Poypoy comes out of the Timer ball looking very angry.) Sorry buddy.

Poypoy(As he tackles Joey): Yequi!!!!! (A cartoon cloud forms showing Joey and Poypoy fighting.)

Joey: Ok I get it! Stop!!! Will you quit it!!!! Poypoy!!!! Owwwww!!!!!

Mom: You two cut it out!!!! (The cloud subsides showing Joey biting Poypoy's tail but surprised by the shout from his mom.)

Joey(After letting go of Poypoy's tail): Eheheheh. Sorry. (Looks at Poypoy.) Sorry my friend. I promise not to let it happen

Poypoy: Yequi. Yequi. Qauc.

Joey(As hes kneels down and starts petting Poypoy): Glad to hear it my friend.

(We now see a long shot of the boat on its way. A bit of South Lazuli Port can be seen.)

Caption: A new day dawns. A new journey begins. A path yet to be found. The journey of Joey Tripp has just begun and looks
to have the makings of greatness.

Caption at the bottom: To be continued.

Oops almost forgot this is what the Pokedex of the Trowan region looks like: it is a Dual screen Hologram combo with the touch screen as part of the case and the info display at the top and its about the size of a DS on its side.

If you'd like to draw this for me send me a sketch of Joey, Sean, and Porygon in your style or comment and we'll talk from there.

Thank you for your time.
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