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Writer Seeking Mature Artist
Sakibou2 at 12:33PM, Oct. 5, 2010
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I've an idea for a comic that simply will not leave my head, and I'd love to see it go from words on paper to reality.

The story centers around a girl by the name of Alicia. She's had a crush on a boy named Dominic since elementary school. He's the perfect guy – handsome, funny, kind-hearted, athletic – with one glaring flaw: he can't stand her. And why not? She's smart, pretty, artistic, and popular. His reasoning? As far as Dominic is concerned, he only needs one: she's black.

This comic will tell the often, but certainly not always, unhappy story of Alicia's life, beginning on the day she first laid eyes on Dominic in elementary school. Considering the subject matter and some of the situations that will come up, I would prefer that the artist be at least 18 years of age and mature enough to handle a story of this nature.

PQs are absolutely welcome!
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