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LanceDanger at 3:03PM, May 12, 2011
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Hey, everybody! Just thought I'd share a couple of links since I really don't see very much writer's resources on here. I'll put up more as time goes by. Also, if anybody wants to ask me anything, I'll reply the best to my knowledge (not much knowledge, but every little bit helps, I guess).'s of tips and resources, pretty good reads!

http://www.scriptfrenzy.orgThey do the yearly challenge of writing 100 pages in 30 days. Very cool, but also, they have great tips and advice and a useful forum, check it out! free writing software. I used this to write the entire mini-series of an upcoming drunk duck (should be called The Duck by the time it comes out lol), and I just love it. You can organizecharacters, plots, events, locations, keeps everything very tidy, neat, and organized. You do have to do a bit of experimenting at first to get used to using, though.

I'll see what else I can cook up for this thread. Anybody else has links or thoughts, I encourage you to do so. Peace out! =3
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