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Writing short story comic tips
Skullbie at 3:05PM, April 9, 2009
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Have any tips that have helped you write short story comics? Post ‘em here :]


1: READ short stories/comics! I think this is the most important step is to ingrain how it’s done, and may even inspire a story of your own. My favorite places to find them are mangafox and short story archives.

2:Keep a crappy notepad/book with you at all times. Make sure it is fairly beat up looking because then you will have no qualms about scribbling ideas in it because nothing will be a waste of paper.

3:Don't be afraid to be trite. It's tempting to stretch that thing out for 50 pages if you had a few more scenes…a few more characters…another…yeah. Don't be afraid to write something short and simple.

4: I've found basing it around two or less settings helps me tremendously. Like on of my stories is set in a convenience store and then a downtown band practice room, and another is set in a dark alley and then an underground car lot. A lot can happen in those places.

5: Twists. This this is my fav thing about writing short stories, a simple plot twist or surprise ending can make it so much more fun for the reader.
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Torrie at 4:55PM, April 9, 2009
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I started writing stories a long time before I wrote comics (and I'm definitely not much of an artist), but I found with short stories the best thing to do (and it sounds completely chiche'd) was to keep everything simple- the basic premise must need little explanation, and the plot has to be very concise.

With the story itself I find this means writing everything that I want to in the first draft, which is always much longer than the final one, then re-writing and editing until it fits. It also helps me to have a specific number of pages for short stories in a comic, but I never worry if I go over by a full page. I find it's harder but more rewarding to write short stories than longer ones, because of the greater sense of achievement from having to consciously think whether everything works together.

As you say, plot twists are brilliant in short stories.
Torrie Xx
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kyupol at 5:42PM, April 9, 2009
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- The story must have a buildup point, a climax point, and a build down point. Just make sure that in the end, everything is resolved. You won't have time to put complex subplots.

- Don't put too many characters. A short story should have 3 characters at the most (where the camera focuses on. You can have a story about a platoon of soldiers but just focus on 3 of them at the most). Though less is more.

- Don't just only read other short stories and comics. Read your share of nonfiction. Its more exciting to have a story based on current / historical events and scientific / political / religious / spiritual ideas.

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