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Wrong numbers and bad messages
Croi Dhubh at 11:40AM, Feb. 8, 2008
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More often than not, I like screwing with people who dial me instead of who they want. Sure I get annoyed, but most of the time I waste their time.

Now, this isn't about one of those times, no. This is about someone having left a voice mail after it's VERY CLEAR that they are not calling whoever “Dave” is.

My voice mail message at the time was the following:

Hey, this is Anthony Passalacqua. Sorry I missed your call. If I have to tell you what to do when you hear the beep, you're a fucking idiot!

Well…here's the message they left!


Anyone else have any recordings or stories they'd like to share?
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LoveandGuns at 8:48PM, Feb. 8, 2008
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This girl once texted my brother and thought it was her boyfriend.

He first texted her back asking who she was, and she went "lol im NAME dont u kno?“ and then he stated ”Okay then“. She started to speak to him on a daily bases with more, and more messages stating her secrets and how much she thought her ”boyfriend“ was hilarious/charming.

After about 2 weeks of exchanging different things about herself (things I won't mention because they're a bit grahpic) she messaged him who he was when she finally realized it wasn't her beloved boyfriend (the fact it wasn't the same area code should have been the intial hint) and he stated-

”I am Anonymous"

I lol'd so hard when he told me this story. xD

Boy, that girl was stupid as H*ll.
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mishi_hime at 12:37AM, Feb. 9, 2008
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Wow. No one calls me, not even wrong numbers.
But that's cause half the time…My phone has no minutes >_<
I'm too poor.
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