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Eunice P at 5:54AM, Oct. 25, 2007
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A Voodoo Vampire uses her powers to turn Batman, Robin, Superman, and Aquaman into Vampires. It's not just any vampires… It's a Voodoo Vampire with fangs that can project beams. I wonder who came up with this script?

And the weird costume design of that cartoon inspires this video:
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Fenn at 2:45PM, Oct. 25, 2007
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Wow, that was painfully bad.

My guess would be that the Standards and Practices guys at the network told them that there was no way in hell they'd let the producers show vampires biting someone and sucking their blood in a kid's cartoon. Why they didn't just drop the storyline or make it a zombie-ray thing instead is beyond me.

Nice latent racism there, where Batman & Robin assume the only black hero must know about voodoo. And I feel bad for Aquaman… the first time he gets a real superpower, and they just take it away from him. ;)

That second video was hilarious, though.
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