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Xerjester's cg tip of the week 2 - Line Knockouts
xerjester at 1:47PM, May 2, 2007
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Ok, this lil' tutorial deals with line knockouts. What a knockout is, basically, is colored lineart to blend in with CG work. You've seen a lot of this in trade comic books, but probably never realized it. It goes great with energy blasts, lights, fire, blood, etc etc - even for full lineart knockouts used in unique styles! (Some of my favorite artists use full line knockouts.)

Now, this tutorial assumes that your lineart is on it's own separate layer. You can do knockouts without that, but it's a bit trickier. If you like, I can cover setting up your lineart on a separate layer later on (assuming someone much smarter than I hasn't already done so. If that's the case, use their method).

REMEMBER: this is not THE way nor necessarily the BEST way. It's just how I do it.

Without further ado, example time! We'll start with something a few people may have wanted to do at one point or another: set my head on fire:

Not a good day for my head. You can see here that the lineart for the fire is basically just that - plain black lineart. Let's spruce that up, shall we?

In photoshop, select the layer your lineart inhabits. Now, above the layers there on the control bar, you should see what appears to be a box made of grey and white pixels. This is the “preseve transparency” or “preserve transparent pixels” switch. Click that.

What it means, basically, is that all the deadspace on your lineart layer is now ignored. When you paint in this layer now, all you can paint over is the lineart itself. Very handy.

Now, with all that set up, lets go to work. I'm thinking a nice red-orange color.

Now we're starting to cook.

The idea here is to complement the colors of whatever it is you're knocking out the black lineart for (hence, knockout). You can deviate from that, but it's best from a color theory point of view if your colors harmonize.

Now, for the final touches - whatever you use to spruce up your cg. In my case, it's additional coloring to the flame, a lil blur tool, and a slight glow effect that I covered in my last post:

Ta-da! Call the fire department please. I do like this hat I'm wearing, after all.

Well, hope that helps someone out there. See ya next week!
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reconjsh at 6:26PM, May 2, 2007
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Fun tut. Keep 'em coming boss ;)

(Outland Angels)
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