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You gotta type in a code now for every comment?
DetectiveFork at 6:29AM, Jan. 12, 2006
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Bad idea. Not only because it's a hassle to type in a code every time you want to leave a comment on someone's comic, but because now the comment system isn't working for me at all! I enter it, hit send and it doesn't show up.
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SpANG at 6:31AM, Jan. 12, 2006
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Please look around. There are several threads pertaining to this already. Yes, there is a problem. No, it won't be fixed until Volte gets back.

Sorry for the inconv.

The system was put in place to prevent spambots from overunning people's pages.

It's probably an easy fix. This kind of system is used in a lot of other places.

.: SpANG! :.
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