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sperro at 2:54PM, July 31, 2008
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Woo, my comic got its first comment which is awesome! But now every single screen on DrunkDuck has a popup that reads YOU HAVE NEW MAIL! :D :D :D and I have no idea how to make it go away. Help?
It's really not as hard to fly as it looks. Just throw yourself at the ground and miss!
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Skullbie at 3:26PM, July 31, 2008
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log out, then log back in. it was doing this to me a minute ago.
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ozoneocean at 3:51PM, July 31, 2008
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Good advice from Skull there. :)
Yeah, the site was screwy for a moment for a lot of people.
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SpANG at 4:33PM, July 31, 2008
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Yeah, it's all part of the same problem:
“To a rational mind, nothing is inexplicable. Only unexplained.”
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