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Abt_Nihil at 5:02AM, Dec. 28, 2010
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Cheers! ^_^
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I Am The 1337 Master at 8:02PM, Dec. 28, 2010
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I wasted my gift cards away today and got…

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mlai at 1:01AM, Dec. 29, 2010
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"Happy Christmas Mr. Scrooge in keeping with the season."

I got nothing and I gave nothing. I was moving to a new place around Christmas. Moving sucks; such a hassle.

Ate plenty of good cakes, muffins, chocolates, and candy though. Lots of Christmas food lying around at the workplace.

I did get a fat Christmas bonus. The bonus is almost twice my monthly wage. I never had bonus schemes in my previous work; this is new to me.

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BffSatan at 6:55AM, Dec. 29, 2010
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A casket of Christmas Spirit and Pandora's box which I haven't opened yet.
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Nicotine at 7:15AM, Dec. 29, 2010
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I got:
-Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box (DS game)
-Professor Layton and the Unwound Future (DS game)
-a real pearl necklace that came with a pearl bracelet and pearl earrings (*_*)
-A book: “Dreaming in Chinese”
-Time off of work xD
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Niccea at 2:56PM, Dec. 29, 2010
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I just traded in the matching laptop bags my parents got my fiance and me for one really nice one and a $10 gift card to Office Depot. My fiance was jealous that the case I got from his brother and sister-in-law was his favorite colors (navy blue and bright orange) so I'm keeping the new one for myself and giving him the other one.
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imshard at 4:21PM, Dec. 29, 2010
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I got:

Bottle of Goldschlager
Boxed DVD set of the Star Wars collection
Grandpa's watch
Nerf gun
and some housewarming gifts for my new apartment
Don't be a stick in the mud traditionalist! Support global warming!

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Ochitsukanai at 11:14PM, Dec. 29, 2010
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Younger brother got me a copy of the original Shadow Hearts
That's good taste and discernment right there. -thumbs up!-

Chocolate, stuffed pandas, tea set, gift cards, two seasons of Bones, a knitting loom, Scrabble, pajamas, and a laptop I named Equius. It's stronger than my desktop…

So far with gift cards I've bought a laptop case, a mouse, a book of Irish myths, and a book of Whistler etchings. I also knitted a hat!

Always, I wanna be with mew, and make believe with mew
and live in harmony harmony oh nyan
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Red Slayer at 5:44PM, Dec. 30, 2010
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I got some stuff i totally needed.
New pair of sneakers, new hoodie after i lost the last one, some underwear.

still waiting for that arc reactor…
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JillyFoo at 1:07PM, Jan. 2, 2011
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A tea set with $50 giftcard to Teavana.
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The Gravekeeper at 9:55PM, Jan. 2, 2011
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A marble grill set
The Gamma World box set (I am such a geek, yet even though I tend to DM in my gaming group I'm not the biggest geek there)
An easel
$500 to have fun with
An MST3K collection.

I don't ask for stuff I can't use for either practical purposes or entertainment anymore since A) it never makes me happier and B)I don't have room for crap that's just going to clutter up valuable space and collect dust.

I managed to get a couple of new (to me) video games during Boxing Week for $20 each, so that was pretty good. Also, traditional Quebec holiday cooking. I'd live off of tourtiere if I could.
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