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spacehamster at 5:51AM, Dec. 1, 2007
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joined: 8-3-2007
What's on your profile?

“Well, what is there to say? I'm a comic geek who likes superheroes, so that's what I do. Bulletproof is my little spandex sandbox.”

Plus a whopping nine friends, all of them in the “top” list, and a bunch of recommended comics.

Do you actually read people's profiles?

Almost never, to be honest.

What makes you click on someone's profile?

I don't know. Sometimes I'm just farting around here trying to waste time, and that's mostly when it happens. Or if there's something I actually want to know for one reason or other, like where someone is from or what their age is.

What kind of information do you like to know about DDers?

a/s/l? ;-)
Actually those ARE the things I like to know, if anything at all, plus maybe a little about what comics they read. It helps understand where someone is coming from with the stuff they create.

Come to think of it, I should probably add that stuff to my profile, but really, I'm not much interested in them or in the friends feature, I prefer to know people through their forum posts and the comics they create.
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