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Your favorite cartoons!
Crazy Dutchman at 12:09PM, Jan. 26, 2009
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Top of the list for me:
-Invader Zim
-Samurai Jack
-Home Movies
-2 Stupid Dogs
-Rex the Runt
-Ren & Stimpy
-Stressed Eric

Next to those some good quality shows are: Angry Beavers, Billy and Mandy, Clone High, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Foster's Home for Imaginairy Friends, Rocko's Modern Life, South Park, The Oblongs, The Simpsons, The Tick, and The Venture Bros.
And I love that someone mentioned Swat Cats, that show used to be ace! I think I need it on DVD. They've been releasing some of these series on DVD recently, Rocko's Modern Life and Duckman and I also saw a Sam & Max DVD somewhere (never seen the series, but the characters are great!).

And why most of the shows suck nowadays is because they are created in Flash or with a simmular program. This way the character designs are always very simple and very unoriginal. The actions don't look great and the great action sequences are weak most of the time. Why the stories/concepts and humor are lame is just because the great cartoony cartoon revival from the 90s is all over. The usage of computers, more subtle drawings, thick lines and more randomness brought some new creative options but that's all been done now. You can still create all new and original shows, but the networks know what kids like and with programs like Flash cartoons are a lot cheaper to produce without kids realising they're cutting back on quality. With a good concept you can make a good cartoon with this technique, Foster's Home.. is proof of that, but lots of the typical cartoony cartoon humor we used to love just doesn't work this way.
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confusedsoul at 3:31PM, Jan. 26, 2009
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Early Pokemon (ah nostalgia)
Earthworm Jim
Invader Zim
Ren and Stimpy
Drawn Together
South Park
Family Guy
Spongebob Squarepants

Bury the Simpsons.
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Kali at 2:49AM, Jan. 27, 2009
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Ben 10.
Family Guy.
Digimon Tamers.
Pokemon (NOT Diamond and Pearl)
Animal Crossing.
X-men (all versions!)

Fenrir says Grrrrrr!
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AzuJOD at 4:27AM, Jan. 28, 2009
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Tiny Toons
DCAU shows
The Simpsons stills gets laughs out of me

That's all I can think of at the moment
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dave63 at 10:52PM, Jan. 31, 2009
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The best cartoons were things like the early Roadrunner and early Tom and Jerry. The first dozen Roadrunner cartoons were so well done. They took time to get these great expressions and used comic timing well. The first Pink Panther toons were good. I think animation studios get lazy after a while. I hate the new stuff that is on the Cartoon Network. It's not funny. Sorry.
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Bekefel at 5:43AM, Feb. 1, 2009
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Bury the Simpsons.
Please, please, you give me too little credit.
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Senshuu at 6:21AM, Feb. 3, 2009
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I remember loving Reboot when I was a teenager. :D

And then all of a sudden it stopped. :(

(Just like Bill Nye…)

I also used to watch the Donkey Kong Country cartoon and Garlied on a regular basis, for lack of anything else. As for Disney in its day, Timon & Pumbaa, Aladdin cartoon, and Jungle Book cartoon (despite never having seen The Jungle Book… :()
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Walrus at 8:22AM, Feb. 8, 2009
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Best cartoon ever. It had plenty of hilarious adult moments even the censors missed. Steven Speilberg couldn't go wrong with this show. The spin off sucked though.
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DRose at 6:21PM, Feb. 27, 2009
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Wow there are so many over the years:

Darkwing Duck
Rocko's Modern Life (WHERE'S MY BOX SET?!)
Ren and Stimpy
Danny Phantom
Family Guy (most of the time: depends on the episode)
Fairly Odd Parents
Samurai Jack (Epic! Simply Epic!)
Yogi Bear
Spectaculat Spider-Man (its so much fun)
Avatar: The Last Airbender
South Park

that's off the top my head. I'm probably forgetting some great ones.
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DinoCherryMonster at 5:59PM, April 15, 2009
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I have watched and like many cartoons but in the recent years cartoons have been losing their touch. The best nowadays i think are Chowder, Flapjack, and Foster's before it was taken off. There are some others too but I'm just to lazy to remember them…XP
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Freegurt at 12:47AM, April 16, 2009
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There have been so many awesome cartoons from my childhood, I couldn't possibly name them all. D:

Recently though, I've been watching the Venture Brothers. That show is pimp.

Chowder is pretty funny to me. Flapjack, meeehh. It's okay, but I prefer Chowder.
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Jonko at 9:44PM, April 16, 2009
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Venture Brothers! Dr. Girlfriend completes my life.
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