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Yup ANOTHER Newbie :D
rem1214 at 11:58PM, Oct. 26, 2010
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Ello! I'm RemMoo! :D
I've actually been using the site for a few weeks now, but I would still consider myself new…
-freshman in high school
-your basic otaku (cosplayer, anime/manga freak, etc.)
-band geek (I play trombone)
-slightly insane in the membrane :]

Well I'd love to meet you all! So say hi and stuff (no pedos please >.< )
Yeah 8D
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Adariel at 5:53AM, Oct. 27, 2010
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Hullo! Welcome to DD! This site just reeks of awesomeness.
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ayesinback at 7:30AM, Oct. 29, 2010
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Hi RemMoo, “and stuff” :) Glad to see you post – have fun with it all.
And the people in the houses
All went to the university,
Where they were put in boxes
And they came out all the same
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