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[Roleplay] Avadera, Motherland of Crime - Futuristic Gangsta RP
Mister Mew at 2:01AM, Aug. 19, 2007
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Yeah, but they're not going to be modeled after pokemon. They're going to be modeled after real animals or humans.
Crow gets off an elevater and walks out of the building. He drives away in his porshe.
Crow: Hmmm…'So, if I go pick up the drycleaning at one, then get the bio-robots and drop them off at Xavier's office at one thirty I can get too Cathy's school play in time tomorrow.'
He parks his car in his driveway and walks into his house.
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ZeroVX at 11:32AM, Aug. 19, 2007
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John grinned weakly. “Please, don't let it happen. I would like to keep the use of my eyes, thank you.”

He chuckled. Then he walked towards the kitchen. “You guys want something to eat?”
“If our own government was responsible for the deaths of almost 100,000 people…..would you really wanna know?”

V for Vendetta, V.
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riku valentine at 1:26PM, Aug. 19, 2007
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Blade: No thanks, but I wouldn't mind a glass of wine, or better yet, Sake. And by the way, Damascus, I got a better idea for how you'll be able to transform and keep clothes. Here.

A green vest and black pants appear and drop into Damascus's arms. They look like ordinary clothes to everyone who's watching.

Damascus: How are these supposed to help with the problem?

Blade: Put them on. They'll change and adapt. As you change shape, they'll change shape to fit your new form.

Meanwhile, in a lab in Tokyo…

Familiar Voice: This sucks, I wonder how badly that clone is fucking up my reputation? If I weren't like this, I could stop it, but the regeneration process is only half done. I can't do anything as only a head and one arm!

Unknown Woman: Well, Valentine Riku, I have good news! We found a way to speed up the regeneration process without it destroying what little body you've regenerated! You'll be able to leave tomorrow.

Riku: Doctor Keiko! As long as you're here, I don't want to leave! You're so beautiful! Uh, I mean, It's so nice here!

Doctor Keiko: Valentine Riku, you've flirted with me since the day we met! But I have some bad news. I am departing for Avadera tomorrow. I, Sanatora Keiko, am the only one who can do some things there.

Riku: Oh wow! You're kidding! I was going there! That is where my clone is! News has reached me here about how Riku Valentine has become a target for bounty hunters around the world! Oh, I'm sorry, you'd prefer if I used the traditional Japanese way of saying my name, wouldn't you? I'm kinda glad I stepped in that mine, because then I would have never met you!

Back in Jonathan's house..

Damascus: Hey, man, you mind if we crash here tonight? It's getting really late. It's already past midnight.

Blade: Damascus, you idiot, you don't ask shit like that! You wait to be invited!
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qdawg at 2:48PM, Aug. 19, 2007
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“I didn't need to see that.” Jimmy whispered to himself. “I'll just have a water. Where's the bathroom by the way?” 'He's psycic he'll know your going to check out the place.' ‘Shut up. I do have to piss. So what if I have a look around.’
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riku valentine at 10:03PM, Aug. 19, 2007
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In Tokyo…

Doctor Keiko: Well, Valentine Riku, you're regeneration was faster than we thought! We'll be able to leave for Avadera right now!

Riku: Hm, plane ain't fast enough, train ain't fast enough, car definately ain't fast enough. I'll just have to use the speed that I got through sheer effeort before that day.

Riku walks out of the shadows rubbing his wrist looking at a destroyed watch on his other wrist.

Doctor Keiko: Why are you wearing that thing? It's not like it can be repaired.

Riku: Habit. That's all there is to it. Now, this may feel slightly uncomfortably, but I'm gonna have to transport you.

Riku picks up doctor Keiko and starts to run. Within seconds, he is at the beach, looking in the direction of America. Then he runs across the ocean, leaving a trail of water coming up around where he had just been. In seconds, they are in Avadera. Riku takes doctor Keiko to the hospital she was wanting to go to.

Riku: I'll see you some other time. Right now, I smell Blade Adonis, my cousin. I'm going to find out what he knows.

Within five seconds, he is outside the wall that was the secret entrance to Jonathan's house. He figures out the mechanism, pushes the button, and jumps down into the house. Hes lands and looks around, spotting Blade and Damascus.

Riku: Blade! What's up! So, what rank am I on the bounty hunter's list?

Blade looks at Riku, noticing the minute details in the difference between this one and the one they saw earlier.

Blade: Hmph, I thought you looked weird earlier. So, that wasn't you? Well, regardless, You're an A-rank target! I know you can't be the same one from earlier. You used to always wear that watch, and I wondered why you didn't anymore. Plus, you're missing your sword. The only reason you wouldn't be carrying your sword is that someone else has it. Well, then I have some true introductions to make when the others get back.
Blood, the dark hedgehog with the demon inside him.
Join the resistance.
Join Mephiles.
Join (Roleplay) War of the Future!

No suicidal people please, they won't restore your faith in life
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Mister Mew at 9:56PM, Aug. 26, 2007
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A man and a woman with long black hair and black robes on are walking down a dark alley. They walk up to a large dumpster. The man kicks it with a force harder than necassary. A beat up hobo with one eye climbs out of the dumster.
Hobo: Whatta ya want!?
Man: The stuff.
Hobo: Wha?
Man: I said I want the stuff!
Hobo: Oh, yeah? Where's the money?
Man: Gina,
The woman reveals a large wad of hundred dollar bills.
Gina: Seven hundred exactly.
Man: See? Now, gimme!
Hobo: Alright.*pulls out a large paper bag* So, how much d'ya want?
Man: All of it.
Hobo: HehHeh, alright,*hands Gina the bag*Now gimme my money.
Man:*smiles* I'm afraid I can't do that, Mr. Von.
Hobo: Wha?
Man: You see, stealing is much easier than simply buying and leaving the dealer alive, so, we've decided to kill you.
Hobo: Shi-
Then the man suddenly pushed him in front of a moving truck.
Gina: Eeeew,Ray, you squished him.
Ray: No, the truck squished him. I merely pushed him.
Crow: Really? I would have expected you to gouge out his eyes and wait for him to go insane.
Gina: Master Crow!*Hugs Crow*
Crow: It's nice to see you too, Gina.
Ray: What do you want?
Crow: Xavier wants to see you.
Ray: Pfft, fat chance! That bastard left us for dead in the war! Come on, Gina! We're leaving!
Gina: Aw.*stops hugging Crow* Bye, Master Crow.*walks away with Ray*
Crow:*sigh* Xavier's not gunna like this.
I like pie!!!
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