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Unable to login (several problems.)
Thigon at 10:59AM, July 17, 2011
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Ok, so, since the new site has gone up I have had 1 problem after another with my account and account recovery. I've had to make a new account so I could hopefully get someone to help me set things straight.
When the site first came up, I tried to log in (like i'm sure everyone else did.) and it said my username/password was incorrect. Well, having a minimal amount of technical skill I opened up my stored passwords and double, even tripple checked. After trying incorrectly for so long I thought the system would lock me out, I hit account recovery. Unfortunately, the email linked goes to an old old OLD aol account who hasn't been recieving emails in YEARS. So I tried sending support an email, hoping they would get things sorted out. No dice.
That was the email I recieved back. I sent the email twice to the adress listed, and twice got the same response.
So I thought “Oh look theres a little help button on the log in box, I'll just use that.” Again, Shut down.
While comical, that's really not very helpfull.
So, several days ago, while trying to log in I started getting something other than ‘incorrect username and password’
The code goes on and on and on for what's probably 3 or 4 pages so I wasn't going to post a picture but if someone needs to see it, let me know and i'll copy-paste it into a word doc.
Please someone help me… ): I really just want my account back.
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CateranLlama at 11:21AM, July 17, 2011
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On the new site, your username is case sensitive.  I know I got stuck on that for a few minutes.  I wound up having to delete my saved password and retype them both because it auto-filled my name with no-caps.  (Which worked at the old site, but not here.)
Thigon at 4:49PM, July 17, 2011
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(: Thank you, for the suggestion but I tried it several times before and just retried it. Deleted all my old passwords from the site and then tried it again.Still giving me the long, coded error page.
skoolmunkee at 3:26AM, July 18, 2011
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Sent you a PQ.
FYI the usernames should NOT be case sensitive, that's something they need to fix soon.

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