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Greg Woronchak loves comics!
gwor at 6:05AM, July 18, 2011
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Hi guys,
I used to work in traditional animation, including freelance storyboards. Work in town dried up, and I decided to pursue my love of producing comics. I've toiled in small press for years, and have finally mustered the courage to try and publish my own stuff. I have a drawer filled with scraps of paper with wacky ideas hastily scribbled, ideas that I hope to find time to work on. I'm relatively new to the format of webcomics, but find it creatively appealling. I competed twice at Zuda, which definitely gave me a morale boost.
I'll showcase a couple strips here, hopefully y'all will like my work.
Ice 9 at 9:43AM, July 18, 2011
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A real artist. Well, good to have you one the site.
I'm trying to get into film as a writer myself.
Any advice?

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