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Pica Mystery Thingy: Redux in planning stages
PicaandPiku at 11:09PM, Jan. 25, 2009
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This comic is going to be remade and remastered in a separate comic called “Pica Mystery Thingy: Redux”. It will be hand drawn and converted to the format of a comic book instead of using sprited out comic strips, so it will feel more like a new comic rather than a rehash of an older one.

To help promote this new comic, a small RPG Maker VX project called “PMT: Redux World” is being developed (and is almost finished, by the way). In this project, there will be character bios for the major characters in the story (and some concept art as well), a four part story that describes Pica's history, a picture gallery that includes old pictures and comics, and last but definitely not least, a short demo of Pica RPG, a much larger RPG Maker project that's in the works. If it's allowed, I'll post a link to the project page here.

Just note that Pica RPG is far from complete, and any suggestions on how to improve it will be greatly appreciated, as long as it's not something like, “change the tilesets” or “make more mugshots” since those are things I'm intending to do.

As of right now, this comic is planned to be on these websites: Smack Jeeves, Drunk Duck.

The comic might be posted on Comic Genesis, which is the same comic host that hosts Pokemon X, if it performs well enough.
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