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I feel like posting something meaningless and almost stupid now.
PicaandPiku at 10:38PM, April 21, 2007
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Happy new generation of Pokemon! I felt like I just had to say it.

Mesa hopes that you'll have fun with Diamond and Pearl. I'll just wait here, on the second day of the release.

I actually wanted to get it right away, but I can't, due to that stupid Blue Law. It makes me want to catch Dialga, go back in time, go to the guy who thought it up, and… *cough* Uh, well, have fun, or whatever. no comic will be made for the occasion, though, due to a lack of ideas.

It makes me look (less) nerdy, anyway…………*sniffle*

Oh yeah, and I'm taking a break from comics this week. The two reasons why is that I'm playing Diamond and Pearl like crazy right about now, and my Washington DC report decided to be a… I don't want to say it. Let's just say that I wish I had a flamethrower right now.
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