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Predictions, critiques and loop-holes.
Will at 12:34AM, Jan. 19, 2008
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There aren't any.

Predictions: impossible. Hurrocks manages to surprise me on almost every page. the plot is so well thought out that almost anything could happen while still making perfect sense and leaving the comic hole-free.

Critiques: None. Even Drake's Prattishness reminds me of a magical Dr. Cox, Hurrocks takes everything i love about fantasy books and smashes them together into a wonderful comic orgy of amazing. The characters are so unique, but at the same time, show many traits from character “sues” we all know and love (Ted = emo, for instance. We all love emos, every story needs one!). Hurrocks perfectly balances action and plot, and adds dashes of violence and comic relief in the absolute most perfect places. Critisizing this comic would be like proving without a shadow of a doubt that god existed. Pretty much effin' impossible.

Loopholes: I think I've said it before, but theres nothing i hate worse than loopholes, it;s because of this that i generally don't like most books that use the concept of “magic”. (not magical creatures or places, just magic spells and magic flying around in the air, like Harry Potter). The reason of this is because magic is the most cowardly way of getting rid of loopholes: they got up the mountain before the bomb went off even though logically, to do this they would have to have gotten up the mountain in 5 minutes, just as an example. This is, of course, impossible. Ergo, writers whip out their pen and paper and finish their sentence with “with magic”.

yuck. yeah. it disgusts me.

Hurrocks is different: in the world of Hurrocks, magic is indeed apparent, but its not the be all and end all, quick fix magic that it is in most stories. It's an random force, as related to the earth as physics and chemistry, it has positive implications on the universe, as well as bad ones, and it keeps up the reality of the story by being a neutral force on the world.the plot is the most airtight thing i have ever read, while simultaneously continuing delivering surprise after surprise after completely unexpected surprise.

Bahamoot(?), while illustrated as a big magical fish, is a symbolic expression of the inner workings of a human mind. Just like in real life: If enough people believe something, without a shadow of a doubt, it becomes as real as any physical thing. The concept of God is again, a great example of this. While there is no proof of God, a vast majority of the world believe's it exists in some shape or form, and 100% of the earth use the concept in conversation from time to time.

I have to say, Bahamoot is my favorite thing. ever. from a work of fiction. and this includes all professionally written and published books, movies, tv series, animes, mangas, graphic novels, everything.

thankyou so much, for the best comic ever.

(PS, i just thought of one insignificant critique: you know that guy at the beginning of the story, who went on a quest in the wrong direction for Joan? more of him! he was awesome!)
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