SarahN at 2:00PM, March 9, 2007
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Discuss the guy who wears the most black….
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MagickLorelai at 6:34PM, March 12, 2007
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Why discuss him when I can kidnap him? :3 Cage readied and all?
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Nilala at 1:43PM, March 13, 2007
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Not if I kidnap him first!
Oh wait, I'm an Orlock fangirl. Oops.
Carry on! XD
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Xerosomes at 4:52PM, March 21, 2007
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Not if I…Stand in the background like an innocent bystander! Plotting the destruction of the world!

Hmm, I'd feel sorry for Jack, But for the fact he gets too emotional…I mean sure his wife is dead and all but I've been kinda mad at the type burning wanting to kill someone(Too many Naruto fillers for me…**** Sasuke to ****ing **** that *****ole), Especially one as skilled in the torturing arts as Orlock. (If you ever want a torture idea…I got a rather nice one…I used it to kill a dwarf in a role play once…but it wouldn't kill a vampire…I don't think…heh….)

Now, If you excuse me, I have to go hypnotize the world into killing each other and ending world hunger…I'm such a nice guy xD
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mk_insane at 3:55PM, April 11, 2007
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You seem to be forgetting that Orlock tortured Jack for years and years, and reminded him over and over again of his dead wife and child, thus driving him insane.
And I'd totally be the mildly surprised onlooker. Bwa, haha, hahahaha!
Fwoogles are attacking! AAH!
Mild Dementia, my comic.
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Cthulhu at 3:45AM, June 5, 2007
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His picture for the forums is some scary stuff…
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