What kind of drama is this you ask?...
YuiPweeLi at 2:12AM, March 13, 2007
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This is the kind of drama with lots of plot twists and 6 degrees, and love knots!!
This is also a dark drama. and by that I mean, this isn't “Oh trouble with my boyfriend/girlfriend, ohhhhh they're cheating on me, I'm going to cheat on them!!! ohhh” On the Contrary this is a drama with actual problematic troubles, of course when you add angels and demons to the mix (which merely represent the extremes of both good and evil) it makes the troubles a little bit more…extreme.

Here are some dramatic situations you make find if you vote for this story.
There will be
-the good ol' dramatic and traumatic deaths of characters that you may or may not have grown attached to.
-innocent people getting beaten, raped, tortured, …all of the above (perhaps not very explicit on the page, but you'll know when it happens)
-betrayal, deception, and obsession

and of course, I too, enjoy the occasional drama that real life has to offer.
such as:
relationship/love drama
friend drama
sex drama (meaning, 'oh no! AIDS, pregnancy, relationship problems, etc.)(NOT meaning, porno, explicit images, or immature handling of this subject)
family drama

I know it may seem like an angel falling out of heaven has nothing to do with situations like those stated above, but in this story it has a lot to do with it.
Vote for this story to find out how.

By The Way, this story will be rated M for Mature

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