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This story is full of drama. So if you like that kind of thing, then you should be quite interested in this.

Nonplus, (meaning confused, bewildered, or just to have nothing more to say) is just as much about its themes as it is about the premise, the premise is just want moves the story along.

Picture it like this: Premise is the car, Themes are the scenery.(I think that makes sense)

So On with it then!
Premise: This story, like most, if not all my stories, have a flare of fantasy to it, and this is no exception. It begins when a guardian angel is suddenly plummeted down into earth, with no recollection as to how, or why he fell. It is the biggest risk for a guardian angel to leave ‘heaven’ for they lose sight of those they protect. It is a Big No-No. He finds that he cannot return, and it's a huge life-threating mystery!!
This guardian angel, Andre, must find the human girl he should be ‘guarding’ or the demons will sense her defenselessness and…we can all imagine the horrors that will ensue.
If that should happen, well, Andre will be pretty screwed.

: There are so many themes and such in this story that I'm sure there will be something for everyone.
I'll narrow it down for you.
there are Major themes of life screwing you over, and how you shouldn't let them stop you from living.
Also, themes of redemption, you know, you do some down-right, evil, mean, and stupid things in your life, that shouldn't stop you from changing.
Life is Change- just accept that, and let yourself grow.

Or I guess I can just say in one main theme, to put bluntly: Life Sucks, get use to it.

**Just to let you know, just because this is a drama, it is NOT Emo, it may seem that way from my themes, but I want you to know that I put all the characters in this story through so pretty bad… Shi%-situations…and they are never so trivial as, “oh i h4te my dad, and everyone h4tes me at school because I'm self-proclaimed different and they're all fake wanna-bes, but im real, because all the pain and foreboding dark anguish i feel”

Just read the other topics to get a better understanding of what kind of drama, you'll see here.

Also, now tell me how you feel about this story.
**Disclaimer** I KNOW there are lots of stories with angels and demons, but I will try to present them in a way that is interesting and refreshing, and make it a point to not do cliche' things with them, so don't take into account that “There are just way to many angel/demon stories out there” when you judge this story.

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