Video games anyone?
snake at 7:18PM, Aug. 28, 2007
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So I've recently rediscovered the joys of video games. About time really, what with a PS2, a GameCube, and an XBox 360 sitting in my basement. I don't really play as much as I sit and think about playing while I'm at work. When I'm actually home, I find that more often than not there are other more pressing things to do… Like pay bills, do the dishes, and other such fun-ities.

Samurai Warriors 2 - A true hack-n-slash action game. You are one man against many. Well, with an army behind you sometimes. This game just drops you down in the middle of a feudal japanese battlefield and lets you go at it. Lots of characters, lots of baddies to beat up, and lots of time sucked up. I've stopped playing however, with the promise of Dynasty Warriors Gundam and Warriors Orochi (both on the XBox 360). Gundam is the same kind of game but with big robots. And Orochi is a combination of Dynasty and Samurai warriors… With 79 characters!!

Dead Rising - I got this one last Christmas but never really got around to playing it until now. You are a photo journalist trapped in a mall… A mall overrun with zombies that is!! I haven't played too long, but lots of gore and action is promised. I've already seen a couple dozen people get overrun by the zombie horde. ::cackle::

So what about you guys (and gals) out there? What are you playing?
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