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Where can you find Marital Bliss???
maritalbliss at 5:02PM, May 28, 2007
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All the places around the internet where you can find the comic strip and what we have in the works.

Main Base of Operations

Obviously, we are hosted here on Drunk Duck…We chose the Drunk Duck Webcomics Community for many reasons…First, we haven't made any money off of Marital Bliss??? YET! But, honestly…We love Drunk Duck so much that even when we do start generating any revenue we plan to invest it in publishing and merchandising and getting on the convention circut. Drunk Duck offers a fantastic community where independent comic creators can come together and create. Plus, the site is super-user friendly. Why leave yet? We have several other comic projects in the works and Drunk Duck is the place we want to be.

Merchandising, merchandising

Where the real money from the webcomic is made. Not really, most webcomics could really use your support and we are no different…We have a store on CafePress that sells the traditional items: T-Shirts, pillows, stickers, , buttons, magnets…Right now this is the only way we generate money from our artistic endeavours…We don't have any type of insurance and really want kids so, buying something, even something small is really appreciated…Besides, who wouldn't want a cute sweatshirt with Princess and Max on it?

Yep! We're on MySpace.

Marital Bliss??? is of course on MySpace, ‘cause who isn’t now-a-days? Become their friend if you so desire. MySpace “buddies” of Marital Bliss??? are privy to the occassional “special” Marital Bliss??? Goodies that aren't yet published anywhere else.

Custom Marital Bliss??? Search Engine

You can search for specific Marital Bliss??? comic strips through the Oh No Robot Comics Search. I'll be upfront and tell you we haven't fully transcribed all the comic strips, but several are already on there, so you can search by dialogue or topic, see a sentence or two…it's really kinda' neat.

Vote! Vote! Vote!

You'll find that most webcomics ask you to vote for them… We are no different in that respect. There are several webcomic lists, we feel the best is at Buzzcomix. What makes it better is the way that it categorizes the webcomics into genres, just makes more sense. We do ask that if you like our comic, vote for us…As a comic gets votes it moves up the list, gaining exposure and face it, all webcomics can use the exposure.

Other Webcomic Communities

There are lots of forums and places out there in cyper-land for us and our fellow independent comic creators, Marital Bliss??? belongs to: ComicSpace and The Belfry Webcomic Index. We're also on The Webcomic List, although I can't say anything nice about that particular site. I can however tell you that the Hyatt Art Forum is kinda' fun, but you'll find us here at the Drunk Duck Forum most of the time. That's about it at this juncture.

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